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Hello, I'm a 23year old woman and absolutely fed up. I am obese.
Nearly a whole year now I've gotten nowhere with chest pain.

I have constant central chest pain which is not relieved by nitroglycerin or omeprazole.

Early last year when I had chest pain the doctor suggested it was my esophagus but never did anything about it. The pain however was different at that time. At that time I had other blood tests I'm not sure of and a Chest CT.

The pain in my chest returned about early last month and is hurting like hell. It NEVER goes away. It burns, tears and aches. The pain goes into my left arm like I'm having a heart attack and I've had some stomach upset. I've tried milk with no help either. I haven't really tried gaviscon etc because that does nothing for me. I've tried Aloe Juice to no help. The pain stretches to my upper chest, stomach and around my hips at times but is most of the time dead central and feels like it "slides" a lot.
My heart pounds and my heart rate has been erratic (not fast just feel it changing constantly) and easily rockets to 100-120 if I move a little.
I went to ER had blood tests which I listed down below. I went again and they said it could be Esophagitis or Gastritis. He said he would write my doctor a suggestion for a Endoscopy but he never did.
What would cause a constant pain there?

Not to mention the PVC's have returned again!!!!

In November I developed brain symptoms. A severe 24/7 headache which was so intense and I had brain problems which was intense pressure, feeling like my brain was half-dead. It was so bad I couldn't take care of myself as well and couldn't stand. I went to ER but the basic neuro exam they did was fine.
That went away last month but the scary symptoms are back again (started yesterday). I am awaiting a brain CT which I'm on a general waiting list so could take months. I don't know if it is related to the chest stuff. A doctor online suggested cardiopulmonary problems.

medication I'm on:
Omeprazole 40mg
Nitroglycerin (hardly take it just when I feel I might need it)

This is what I had done this month (all good)
Blood tests: FBC, UEC, Coag screen, LFT, amylase
Other Tests: Chest X-ray, Gallbladder ultrasound.
No murmors have been picked up and my ECG's are good. I do have a
(I guess) pretty unreliable ECG device at home which shows up stuff sometimes

They think my heart is fine, no problems which really only leaves acid problems. I had acid reflux as a kid up to an adult which I hadn't had in ages before last year.

My only real risks is that lately I've been taking aspirin and aspro-clear a LOT (pain before taking it) which could've annoyed it. Also my weight.

Last month I had my cholesterol done and it's at a normal range. (near high though and would like to lower it)

I want my life back because I feel so depressed and can barely sleep at night.

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