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i too have had apain in my left shoulder for 4 doc said it was muscle strain,and gave me ibuprofen gel.the pain has now gone round my back and under my left breast it is very feels like i want to burp but i can't goes up the left side of my neck too it feels like i have broken my clavicle as the pain is that bad sometimes.i am going to my docs again tomorrow,keep you informed.
hi hope you don't mine me contact you?
i was googling some symptoms i've had for over a month now and your response on here was EXACTLY! the same as me,
I went to the do with pain under my left shoulder blade got some ibuprofen Gel [which smells viles by the way] lol. which did'nt work it doesnt feel muscular. she said my chest was clear but gave me antibiotics to see.
this made no difference in the past 2 weeks its moved round to the front under my left breast it can get very painful and i get a full feeling like i need to burp to relieve it sometimes i get a really shapr pain and have to take a deep breathe an it goes.
still getting the back pain, i dont think it is my heart neither does the doc [im only 22!]
but i was wondering what you're doctor said i have no idea what it could be!?
i get it really bad when im drinking or eating but on resting aswell?
i thought it might be indigestion when i first got the pains but its never relived by tablets etc.
its driving me nuts its always there!
i thought aswell gallblader? but thats on the right ive read?
if you could get back to me id really appreciate it! im an anxious person at the best of times this is awful
thanks =]]]

ps.. i have IBS

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