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Hello all, I am a 23 year old male who was diagnosed with GERD nearly 2 months ago. I was put on prevacid twice a day before meals, but my symptoms have changed, does it still sound like GERD??

Before medication, my throat felt like it was closing and was very tight, I had no heartburn or burning in my throat. After seeing several doctors and two ENT's I was told it was GERD. It has been just under 2 months since I started taking prevacid and my breathing is much better and seems to have improved dramatically. But now I have new symptoms that are starting to make me nervous. I feel a pain in the center of my chest (everywhere I read it says heartburn always is a burning sensation, and there is no burning, just slight pain). I also can feel some pressure around my left side and heart, I was bloated at the time from eating a big bowl of ice cream, is it possible that the high fat and dairy in the ice cream caused the bloating to be so bad that it went into my chest (at that point it was just on my left side)?? I am also very conscience of the area around my heart and left side of the body, like I can feel my heart, but not individual beats. Also, I have been feeling light-headed for the last few weeks (before any of the chest stuff occurred). I have no history of heart disease or heart attacks in my family, I am 23 as I said, and since being diagnosed have been eating much healthier and excercizing. I am overweight, but not too much. Is it probable that these new symptoms are caused by GERD? I don't want to go to a hospital or doctor since I just had several tests run and chest x-rays taken and they said everything was fine.

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