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I realized that i get sick usually stomach pain associated with nausea, lost of appetite, pain in the chest, burping like crazy and even vomiting when something happen for instance:

Those feeling started when my mom passed away 2 years ago, i get so scare i throw up and then the following 3 weeks it's hello stomach sickness.

2 weeks ago, there was a problem at work, i made a mistake and was called up by the manager, i felt so sick to the stomach, i started throwing up and sweating. in the end everything worked out, but to this day, i am still sick with the stomach issue, it started with my throwing up.

I have seen a doctor and went thru the whole acid stomach things: Aciphex, protonic, Upper GI exam, prevacid...) ever since the problem started

Do you think i just have a anxiety disorder or simply GERD (reflux disease).

Can anxiety disorder cause symptoms like that.

I am currently taking prilosec but really it is useless, i am thinking of trying a magnesium Vitamins (like natural calm)

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