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Doctor said he could see acid in my throat just by me bending forward. Wants to put me on 2 Protonix a day. Said my throat was feeling like it was improving because it was getting less sensitive to the acid. Told him I'd go on the PPI's Feb. 1st if I didn't have it figured out before then. (I think it was shooting up because I was so stressed out from having light stuck down my throat, stress was high. Normally don't get reflux unless sleeping). Anybody have any less minute things for me to try? I'm desperate, PPI's give me horrible side effects (nightmares, anxious) but I may have no choice but to go on them.
Have you tried losing some weight if you need to? The only reason I ask is because on one of the morning shows they had a doctor who said almost all of his patients who lose weight have less acid reflux. Also, have you tried all the PPI's? Prilosec gave me very bad anxiety/panic attacks but I haven't experienced it on Prevacid. All of them give me the nightmares though. If you have a lot of side effects on one you might want to switch to another. I generally eat bland foods and don't eat anything after 6:00 either. Doing this and taking a PPI in the morning has made my symptoms a lot better although I still have some bad days. I also belong to a gym and exercise every day for about 45 minutes which helps too. Just thoughts.
i'm having an endoscopy on Feb 6th this will be my second time. My acid reflux is terrible. Everythng I eat comes back up into my mouth. The doc wants me to do a Gastri Emptying which i'm having on the 31st. I'm like you I have been on everything and they all make my agina attacks worse. So I don't take them. Just try to be patient I'm trying too
Just my two cents.
These PPI's give me nightmares and bad dreams also. I really don't understand why though. I am very strict about staying on a bland diet and have been able to decrease to 1 protonix pill every other day. Are you watching which foods you eat? It's just a suggestion. I eat smaller meals and space it out so my stomach doesn't get real empty. I hope you can figure out what to do. I seem to get uninterrupted sleep every other night from nightmares/bad dreams. Maybe you can try the PPI's every other day at first. Let us know.
Losing weight is out of the question since I'm already really thin. I'm trying other things till Feb. 1st. If no improvment I will start the Protonix.

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