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I've written a few messages on this message board about chest pains and not knowing why I them. I was constantly having chest pain on upper left part of the chest, behind left breast bone. I finally went to a cardiologist, convinced it was my heart and heart pain.

The cardiologist ran every test to include me wearing an event monitor for a month. All tests were done and okay. I had echogram, I had EKG, I had nuclear stress test, you name it, I had it. Cardiologist convinced me, finally, it was not my heart. Chest pains continued. Felt like heart pains, not chest pains. I finally went to a gastro doctor. He wanted to do an endoscope. I had also written on these message boards how terrified I was to have an endoscope. It was one of my biggest fears in the world. As it turns out, very easy. Was knocked out, then woke up. Endoscope done.

I do not have acid reflux nor heart burn. Just got the results of my endoscope yesterday. I was diagnosed with the "H Pylori" stomach infection. I've read a lot on the internet about this. The gastro doctor ordered 2 antibiotics. I will start taking them tomorrow. I don't know that I'm still convinced that this stomach infection would cause the heart pain, but I'm told it is still acid backing up into the esophagus causing the pain.

This is only my personal experience. I am not saying that this is what yours is. But I did pursue and go to every kind of doctor I could think of, before I was just diagnosed with this stomach infection. Esophagus was fine. The biopsy from the endoscope is what determined the stomach infection.
Hi all- My 14 year old daughter has acid reflux. She has been having pain in the chest for the last few days. It is right under her left breast in the rib cage. I have been researching it and i came across this thing called Costochondritis. It causes chest pain that feels like heart attack and is often felt on the left more then the right. Check it out. It sounds like what my daughter is experiencing. Maybe it is what you could be feeling. Hope you all feel better.:wave:

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