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Re: Pain..
Jan 19, 2008
I have had similar pain for about a week. I was diagnosed a long time ago, like 10 years or more, with a hiatal hernia. It used to cause pain right below my left breast and radiate into my back. I knew it was this acting up again because when I massage downwards it seems to help the pain a bit, and when I sit slouched, it's worse. I am up right now with that pain. It's in my back, and now it feels like it's radiating all the way across my diaphragm muscle, or perhaps my upper stomach. I can't feel comfortable, I have taken tums but nothing else yet. Of course, at the same time someone sends me an email regarding female heart attack symptoms so that doesn't help me!!!
What have any of you taken that has helped relieve HH symptoms? I am so afraid that I'll have to have some invasive procedure done or surgery or something. I thought it was going away today but then I feel really crummy now. It almost feels like fullness in my throat area, I don't feel like I can even take a deep breath without pain. It's not enough to make me cry over it or anything, but just really uncomfortable. I really wanna feel better soon!

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