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Ok guys,

I have posted several times on here since i found this website.It has helped me find some relief.Well,that i'm not crazy & others go through this as well!! So my next step & last step is to go to a Otolaryngology.THey see people will problems with their throats/swallowing Disorders/For me it began as a sinus infection & then a lump/knot feeling in my throat now for over 6 months.I'm so angry about all this.Now,i have resorted to traveling over 2 hours to Winston Salem here in NC to only pray that i will get some help there.I feel like every day is a new sympton.Truly,can my mind be playing tricks on me.To make me feel like i have something thats not there.I'm about to spend God knows what on more tests.THey are going to do a PH Monitor test.Can someone tell me what that is??? I'm a little scared about something staying down there for 24hours??ALso,they want to see if i'm a candiate for Globus Pharyngues.Which is the muscles going into spasm.Which i guess i hope is so they can fix it.They say that they have had a lot of sucess with botox.Anyone ever had this done for the lump/knot/tightness in throat feeling??I also, just noticed my throat what looks to be blood vessels in the back where the uvula is.I'm so scared.I work for a peds office & i'm getting on my coworkers nerves as i sit here & type about all my problems & ask them to see their throats to just see if theres looks like mine.ONly makes me feel worse.So please if you are reading this & have only something postive to say please respond!! I'm so frustrated at this point.Also,i'm having really bad epsoides of shortness of breath.Could this be from acid relux or should i go see a lung Dr.I'm so tired of seeing new Drs for all kinds of things.Its like can i just be normal again!! PLease Good Adive...LOL LIsa

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