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This started back in March and has been happening more frequently lately. My problem goes something like this. When I eat I become full really fast. My stomach feels tight in the middle about bottom of my breast plate. It continues to the point that I start throwing up food little by little. It is like the food only goes down so far in my throat and doesn't go any further. I sometimes get strangled but after the food comes up I begin to feel better. Alot of thick salva as well as the liquid I've been drinking comes up. Last night it gave me hic-cups for the first time and when I tried to drink some water later it made me feel the pressure again. Today I feel okay and feel like I can eat anything. This doesn't happen everyday but I do feel as if I need to eat very slow now since this has been happening. I don't take any medications and haven't had any stomach problems before. Does anybody know what this is?

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