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Thanks. I did go the alergy testing route for many years and took shots. The last appt I had they said I didn't need shots anymore. I showed allergic to about everything in the beginning but only a few molds last time. I'm sure they could come back or even new ones start. The shots helped with my sneezing, runny eyes, sore throat, and maybe even the sinus infections, but I also continue to get sinus infections. May have one right now since I have been getting yellow goop from nose. Some type of steriod spray does help some but not much. I can't tell any difference in taking meds or not? Really think this is due to reflux with all the stress going on right now and like I said, I haven't been out of the house. I started using my sino-flow again now that I have plenty of time (no job) and will see if that will help.

I feel (and sound) like I have the flu all the time. Real congested and nasal. Lots of thick white goop comes up after eating anything or even drinking water. Haven't been taking Nexium in a long time because it wasn't working but may give it a shot and see. Find it hard not to get in bed soon after eating (or else eat in bed!) since I don't feel well. Again, this happens to me sitting straight up so why not get in bed and be miserable. I guess I need to go to the Dr. while it looks like my insurance is still activated. I don't have as many sinus infections as I once did but do have one or two every year. Sometimes I won't even know until I see asthma/allergy spec. Guess I'm thinking it's reflux? It's so confusing and frustrating. I honestly don't think surgery would have been a good idea for me. I don't think it would help my symptoms and I would be glad to even take meds after surgery if I'd be better. I think I'm at the point of nothing helping or working. Bad day.


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