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I've been taking Zegerid 40mg once daily for three months.

The ONLY reason I agreed to take this medicine is because I have gastric ulcers. I also have a tiny hiatal hernia, acid reflux, GERD, the whole nine yards. But like I said, I'm only on a PPI due to the ulcers. If I didn't have ulcers, I'd be on a strict diet and using Pepcid Complete or something along this line.

The sodium in Zegerid was causing lower leg/ankle swelling and I decided to get off of it. I have hypertension and this edema isn't good for me. Not to mention the diarrhea! The side effects of PPIs are awful.

I feel much worse since starting the PPI. I'm now on Nexium (2 days) and don't feel a bit better. In fact, the nausea is at an all time high.

I know some people who swear by PPIs and that's wonderful if it helps them. In my case, it might be helping the ulcers but I feel awful! But I will continue to take it until I see my GI on July 2nd though.

Don't let my post discourage you. We are all different and what is terrible for me might be great for you! It might take Zegerid several days or even weeks to work, at least that's what I was told by a few in the medical profession.

I see a lot of people on this board with gastro problems but there doesn't seem to be many with ulcers. I'd love to hear from someone who used PPIs and if it healed their ulcers. My ulcers are not bacteria or aspirin/N-said related so my doctor doesn't know why I have them. I do though!

Good luck and many blessings, Annie

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