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[QUOTE=shane1987;4308317]can anyone shed any light??[/QUOTE]

Hi Shane:

I understand that it may take weeks for your irritated tissues to heal even after you start taking the PPI.

In the meantime, have you tried any remedies or diet modifications? My mistake the first time around was to take the PPI while I continued my life as before I was diagnosed with GERD. I ate, drank, etc. Therefore, symptoms came and went and I felt totally helpless and angry because I did not want to accept that I suffered from a chronic condition that requires diet modifications and probably life time changes.

If by any chance you are still drinking caffeine (coffee or tea), alcohol or smoking cigarrettes, you must stop using all these offending substances for a while, or your throat will continue to be irritated and burn regardless of whether or not you are on medication. I don't know if you do or not, of course, but these are the number one offenders.

You could also be suffering from allergies to products like dairy and such and/or environmental allergies.

Have you tried any natural remedies to speed up healing? Aloe Vera juice and DGL are among the products that are soothing to your throat and you can probably use right along with your PPI. You can do a search on this forum and will probably find a great deal of information on these natural remedies.

It has taken me a long time to bring my GERD under control. I don't take a PPI anymore at this point, and only rely on natural remedies and an occasional H2 blocker to treat heartburn. But I have had to make drastic modifications in the way I ate in order to be largely medicine free and bring my symptoms down to a manageable level.

I wish you prompt relief and good health.


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