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Thanks for the clarification Eew...

Hello everyone, hoping we all find our paths that work best. I experiment day to day. Lately I find Cayenne pepper is wonderful liberally sprinkled on everything. Maybe not for everyone. Maybe it changes the ecology of my throat and gullet, doing that seems to go with my tongue feeling a little less coated and more moist this week. And symptoms quieting.

There seems to be a giant emotional aspect to this and I am struck that the vagal pathways are as involved in our throats and hearts when we cry at movies or cheer at games or laugh with our kids, etc -- that last thing to think about and do while we are so wrapped up and worried, may be the first thing to think about and do to challenge the rhythms and MAYBE enjoy improvement. Frivolity is looking like medicine to me.
Heya Jude, yes that is gluten as in wheat. I have tried it for long periods but probably not 100 % as long as that two to three weeks. It is a fuzzy place for me and millions maybe, of others, whereby we are not serious celiac patients who take a nibble of something and then are down for days.

But I suppose the theoryu is the less gi backup the happier and calmer the system and even in the upper areas, so yes, making sure I'm not eating wheat and TRYING to not eat sugar. This was suggested on the basis of the dry coated tongue being a yeast thing. Not so sure about that, but I'm trying there too....

Ok, so... I'll not eat wheat and you keep lifting your head 30 times off the floor three times a day over the next three weeks and we'll report back, deal? (ha ha)

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