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Re: Dexilant
Dec 30, 2010
[QUOTE=neptunian808;4650298]does nexium work for LPR? im on it now but my genius dr put me on double dose for 4 days and then told me to take only 1 pill (20 mg) WHAT THE HELL, im showing him all my LPR online research next time i see him, we all know lpr has to be treated with double dose or more smh[/QUOTE]

Hi there,
I suffer from both GERD and LPR. Nexium has kept my symptoms under control but I took the 40mg once a day. At times I would flare and I'd live through it and then it would eventually calm down. Overall, I have found Nexium and Aciphex to help me the most. I can't imagine taking only 20mg for lpr but I;'m thinking the doctor wants to try and get you as low as possible because taking these meds. long term are not good for you. I suffer from vitamin deficiencies because of it. I think minimally you need 40mg for LPR.
Re: Dexilant
Dec 31, 2010
My symptom flares run in about 4 month cycles. During that time, I end up having a lot of difficulty breathing, I cough a lot and my throat gets really irritated. pH testing has confirmed I had acid in my throat 56% of the night even on medication and sleeping on an incline. During this last year, I've had 2 overnight pulse-ox tests. The first came back normal. The second showed repeated periods where I wasn't breathing. I eventually had a sleep study done. Interesting thing happened here though. Between the time of the pulse-ox test and the sleep study, I started treatment for my TMJ. Because I'm a bruxer, I ended up with a daytime repositioning splint and a nighttime TMJ/Bruxism splint. My night splint has a post that comes down and rests in behind my lower teeth. It keeps my lower jaw forward. They had me wearing this splint when they did the sleep study. I came back better than average in my oxygen readings. I know the splint played a part in my good readings. I wonder what it would have been otherwise. They often use oral splints to treat sleep apnea.

This is a long response, but I know my Pulmonologist works with me on my reflux issues since they effect my breathing. He is a sleep specialists as well. Interestingly enough, my TMJ specialist also works to help people with sleep disorders. That is why he made a custom designed TMJ splint for me that also helps with my breathing.

My TMJ PT also says that all the coughing I do from my reflux makes my TMJ worse. Who would have ever thought there is a connection through seemingly unrelated things. The trigger point releases and therapy she does helps me get through the reflux flares that make my TMJ worse. It also helps with my alignment issues caused by the TMJ.

You probably don't want to hear this, but my GI doc has me try each PPI for a minimum of of a month, preferrably 2 months before determining whether or not it will help. It takes a long time for LPR irritation to heal up. It was only after that time that I moved on to trying another.

Do you have throat irritation with your reflux? If so, I got a recipe from my ENT to help some. I'm listing it below. It is actually from a handout from the Texas Voice Center.

[B]Gargle recipe for dry and irritated throats[/B]

1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp clear corn syrup
6 oz. warmed distilled water

You gargle gently for two "long, boring" minutes then spit. He recommended not rinsing afterwards.
Re: Dexilant
Jan 3, 2011
Thank you again. I know I should wait longer on the Dexilant but so far it is not helping much. Sometimes I have a flare and nothing works until it calms down. This could be the case.

Thank you for the solution to gargle. I may try it.

What do you do for your anemia? I'm taking some iron and wondering if that may be causing the GERD to be worse. I take iron biglycinate.

I could imagine coughing being bad for TMD. Not a good combination. The muscles must tighten up. The strain of it as well has to be aggravating particularly if it is ongoing.

Oh well, I'm waiting to see what I'm going to do with the medication. I may have to forgo my iron for awhile. This is something new I started due to anemia. If I take it away and it doesn't help then I may switch to yet another medication or wait it out.

Thanks again for everything Mountain Reader. I'm sad you still have to deal with lpr/gerd even after surgery. I wish there was a cure for this.

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