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I recently, last night being first night (had my bed elevated 2 inches on each side)and I felt better this morning. Here is what happens when I lay down I think acid flushes into my esophagus and burns my sore spots somehow this stimulates the vagus nerve and my heart rate goes haywire. It elevates to 127 up to 150 at times and I feel pulsations in different areas of my body. My heart starts to pound and I have to get up. Once I am up the heart rate goes down. :dizzy:

It has to be the acid reflux disease doing it. The only way I can go to sleep is take a pain pill Tramadol. The doctor put me on Lopressor 50 mg a low dose for this heart arrhythmia, but all my test for my heart were find. Even my Thyroid blood test were find in spite i have multiple nodules on my left Thyroid. Ironically, I also suffer side effects from the Lopressor atrial flutter, so I can only take it every 3 days. I do not respond to drugs very well. The conclusion I have come to is my heart arrhythmia is caused by my GERD.

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