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Uh man, I have the same problem that just happened last night after i was throwing up/flare up with full of acid that burned the hell out of my body/throat, so badly and i couldnt even eat, with no stool too, its full inside my body that flare up so badly so i took fiber drink to soften it so i can eat and i just wait and wait for hours and i tried to go sleep, my chest feel so heavy hard to breathe and feel like both chest and throat is very pains and swollen too hard to swollow foods or pills stuck in my throat into the hole and hurt to breathe or cough or laugh, like i couldnt breathe! i have to breathe lightly before pains trigger and yup, the fiber help with soften the stool and i feel light than ever, i feel so much better and i finally could eat today! but its not going away with the disease issue, i feel you...i am only 23 and i have ulcer colitis, ibs issue and colon problems, and still chest and throat pains, it still there, but seriously, do i have the same as yours i need the answer for the name i have? is that more new sickness i have because of ulcer colitis if that make any sense? is there any cure medication can help with? the ulcer medication is the one flare my tummy, i think? i dont know yet, the doctor is still waiting for the result from today stomach ultrasound and will be finding out on this wednesday, i cant not wait any more longer with this pain i am should go see your doctor, refer you to GI....i finally just got a new dr, GI first thing he sent me to stomach ultrasound today after i ended up in ER with colon infection, IBS and ulcer and gas/acid flare up with colon twiching and spasm/shooting close any narco will help me to not feel or any suggest that i can ask my doctor about on next week? thank you :]

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