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Ok now this is my first post here and is kinda hard to speak when one is so down and out.

The last 2 years have been the worst of my life. And its all cause of my throat. I used to work night shifts in a call center for abt 3 years and eat all sorts of spicy food.

Slowly I noticed my voice giving way and it became so embarassing specially in front of a crowd. I am a public speaker used to giving speeches in front of 10s of people. But my throat starts choking up whenever I spoke a bit. Humiliation is the word which best describes it. First I thought it was my breathing or anxiety. But fear and anxiety give me a rush to want to do better and work harder. Not make me choke like a frog. And then I found it happened only after I eat food. Specially things like bananas or chocolates.

So here is bascially my symptoms.

1. Very dry mouth and throat in morning
2. Always a lump in throat. I dont imagine it cause when I hack clear muscous comes out which form again within a minute
3. Swallowing difficulty
4. The upper lip has changed to almost black since this started. My lips are usually light red.
5. I am always thirsty despite the fact that I drink massive amounts of water and have to go to the loo every 2-3 hours.
6. A little exercise or running will choke up my throat
7. Food feels like its stuck and it actually is stuck when I get up in the morning and brush and vomit last nights food.

This is destroying my life. I havent had a full time job or a girlfriend in the past 2 years. I have panic attacks when asked to speak in front of people. I am drowning into depression. And I am just 25. 3 years ago I had an unimaginablely social and great life. And I thought of suicide the first time in my whole life a couple of months ago.

I been to a doctor who took all my blood tests which came out positive. He then put me one Nexium 40mg which didnt make any difference. Then he told me its in my head. LOL......

I started buying Xanax and dosing on it to keep me from becoming insane. Plz help. And sorry about the long post.

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