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[QUOTE=janewhite1;4871541]So, here I am. My digestive symptoms aren't THAT bad, at least, I've learned to live with them, but I do have them for a significant portion of the day most days.

The asthma doctor tells me I HAVE to get the reflux under control if I want to breathe comfortably, and I know he's right. And there are a lot of other medicines I need, but can't have due to my digestive problems.

The proton pump inhibitors have never been a good option for me, they tend to stop working in just a couple weeks as my body develops tolerance and ramps up gastrin secretion to compensate. Reglan worked like a dream, but the side effects were unbearable. Domperidone did something, but not much. Carafate helps with the burning pain, but none of the other symptoms.

So, drugs failed. I've been doing diet/lifestyle modification for years, if I go off the diet I pay heavily. I'm not seeing a whole lot of other options here.

Endoscopy found gastritis only. Abdominal ultrasound and barium swallow were normal. Stomach emptying study found delayed emptying, pH study found reflux. I haven't had manometry. I'm 30, generally healthy other than this, not-bad asthma, and some allergies.

My GI doctor, who's a faculty member at a teaching hospital, thinks I could be a good candidate. I haven't asked him for a surgeon referral YET, but I might when I see him this Friday. I believe he has at least one colleague who does either this or bariatric surgery quite frequently.

I do have a few questions.

1) Weight loss. My current weight is healthy (5'7'', 133 pounds) I struggle to keep from losing more. I know obese people can lose a lot during recovery, but does anyone know how much weight you typically lose if you are not overweight to start with? And how long does the weight loss go on?

2) Pregnancy. I've found studies that show pregnancy after Nissen is probably fine, but how soon? I want a baby sort-of-now. Would 3 months after the surgery be too early?

3) How much antibiotic treatment did you need? I'm one of those people who, like, never met an antibiotic I wasn't allergic to.

4) Anything else I should know?

5) I love you all.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I only lost about three or four pounds, just within the first month.

I didn't have antibiotics prescribed and I didn't get any infections.

My story is not a complete success. Things are better than they were, but I still get reflux. I have been very disappointed by this.

I've been left with delayed swallowing, which is permanent.

It took me ages to be able to swallow sufficient liquids, I'm talking months and months.

If you get pregnant and suffer with pregnancy sickness you could be in trouble with the wrap coming lose.

I'm now having hypnotherapy and to be honest I feel quite optimistic about it.

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