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Hi Ellie,
I do understand what you have gone through. I have had a history of anxiety for 17 years, initially triggered by a long flu. My symptoms were more or less the same ad yours. Over the years, I have used meditation and cognitive techniques - weaned myself off the anxiety medication. However, I have had 3 episodes of reflux, when I was under heavy stress and forgot how to control my thinking.
The second episode of reflux (nausea as well) went away without medication as I did not respond to anything. It took about 2-3 years to go but this current one (3rd) got flared up after father passed away plus some problems at home.
Personally, if you can tolerate the reflux ( as long as it is not so bad) and work with your anxiety is much better than taking PPIs. You need to control your anxiety by working with the ways you think.
Your symptoms are normal for anxiety people. Try to relax. Try to understand and lose the fear of panic attacks. The method I use in mindfulness/meditation. It is not easy. You can Google for this. I learnt it from a lady called Bronwyn Fox. She has a Web site.
Do not worry so much. Try to relax and let go.
There are several books/ videos that I bought from this lady. She was house bound for years and recovered. I found them helpful. I have fearful thoughts all the time but do not buy into them.
Chest pain due to esophageal spasm & chest pain & reflux & sweating & dizziness & heart beat etc... you name it. I have been there and have survived. I am not saying that I do not have them anymore. I still have them but have learnt to deal with them. There are always ups and downs. Remember that these symptoms and not permanent. There were times I went on for years without any problem ( then I gave up meditation!!) then bang !!! I have set backs.
Be positive and seek for help. The symptoms you have got are normal ... for us!!

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