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These are the symptoms that I had that were easily diagnosed and resolved: acidity, burping/gas, lightheadedness, tightness in chest, pounding hearbeat or head, stomach pain. If you have these, you may have what I had which is an H. pylori bacterial infection of the digestive system. You can ask for an H.pylori test which is a simple blood test or stool test. The treatment is a course of 2 antibiotics together with a proton pumb inhibitor (PPI). The minimum duration for these to be effective is 10-14 days, even though some professionals only prescribe for one week. After a week, the symptoms are rarely gone, although somewhat better. Especially if you have had these symptoms for awhile, you might need a second longer course of even stronger antibiotics, as I did, followed by a month on the PPIs. After treatment, to check if you have H pylori remaining, you can go for a breath test or a stool test. A blood test is only useful for the first time you have it because it only tells you whether you have antibodies for it or not. When you take the breath test, you should be off the antibiotics and PPIs for a month, and you cannot drink or eat (even water, or smoke cigarettes, or gargle or brush your teeth) for at least 4 hours before the test. Otherwise it can give you a false result. If you have ANY of these symptoms, you can ask for an H.pylori test. Hope this helps.

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