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Hi - I suffered the same symptoms as yourself - I had been suffering with nasal catarrah and one night I was unable to breathe through my nose and I had a "deep" pressing pain in my chest - I was advised to go to hospital - after a thorough check - nothing could be found except my blood pressure was high - I was told to go to the Docs and to alleviate the breathing problem - steam my nose several times a day and drink lots of water. I duly went to the Docs who advised me I was suffering from "anxiety" as I had suffered a panic attack. I felt so ill I thought they must be right - I refused tablets but used the steroid spray for my nose - which I used for two months on their instructions despite my nose bleeding and burning continually. All the breathing symptoms and chest pains were unbearable - I used to lay the bed and try to do deep breathing excercises as I was told my symptoms were all in my mind?
Well to cut a long story short - I had a small accident with one of my eyes and had to see an eye specialist - who remarked that I sounded very nasally - I told him the diagnosis I had been given he told me to insist on seeing an ENT consultant - which I did and it was discovered due to the Docs messing about for eight months -I had been suffering from a bug in my stomach (Hpylori) which had caused silent relflux & hiatus hernia which in turn was causing acid vapours to up into my nose and throat -hence the breathing problems and nasal congestion. I am also being checked for Barratts Oesphagus?? ANXIETY - I never had it - I was only anxious because I could not swallow or eat - I lost two stone & I was not large to start with. I have been on Lansoprazole twice a day and Gaviscon advance four times a day for two months - plus the consultant told me use a salt nasal irrigation twice a day & gargle with salt water until catarrah subsided.

I am 80% better than I was in January - I am awaiting the results of the Hpylori - ( I had to take very strong anti biotics for one week - 5 tablets a day plus the PPI) and I can see light at the end of the tunnel even though I know I will never be 100% - all due to Docs not diagnosing the silent reflux. Ask for an endoscopy (camera down throat)

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