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Hello All,

Have a question which I think some of you can help me and give your suggestions as well. Would be really helpful. A year back I rushed to ER thinking that I was having some heart related disorder, but it was a panic attack. After that I have kept on moving from a speciality to another. Also, I had some dyspepsia symptoms at that moment, but there were almost no acid reflux symptoms. Being a hypochondriac and shopping all the specialities, been to a GI as well. He performed an upper endoscopy.

Below are the results of endoscopy:
Evidence of Grade 1 reflux.
Small sliding hiatal hernia. It was very small per GI, he said it's of no medical significance.
Erosive gastritis of distal stomach.
No ulcers.
No H.Pylori.

Biopsy results:
Chronic mildly active gastritis.
No H.Pylori.

Also, my age is 28. GI prescribed me Ranitidine(150 mg) twice a day and librax 4 times a day.

I was taking this medications and was doing fine. I started researching the side-effects of these medications and found that it was not a wise decision to continue them for a long time. So, I started cutting dose as much as I can. While I am doing so, I have heart-burn symptoms now which were almost non-existent at the time of prescription. I am facing issues with this.

Currently, am having 75 mg of ranitidine daily instead of 300 mg and librax once everyother day.

1. Is this cutting/withdrawing from drugs is fine?.
2. Do you think what I am facing is acid-rebound issues?.
3. Based on my readings on the internet, I read that grade 1 reflux is considered normal as some of the GIs, but I am completely clueless why the GI prescribed me 300 mg of ranitidine. Does that make any sense?. I am tired of going to these GIs who always say there are no side-effects or it's harmless. Been to one of the GI who was trying to prescribe me PPI, I said thank you, but no thank you.
4.Any tips/suggestions to help me overcome my issues?. Any food suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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