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So i was treated for h pylori around nov. I was on ppi for a short time. I noticed that i had a small pain in the side of my abdomen so went back to specialist and he told me that could be ibs but would check for h pylori. Breath test came back negative. Around january started taking ppi again. About the last month i have been feeling full really easy until a complete loss of appetite and constant farting, burping and bloated. I also felt weak. I moved and the new doc said looks like h pylori is back. I called the specialist and he told me no. But the new family practitioner said its so common he doesn need to test for it. So a week ago back onto same antibiotics as before (amoxiciliin, cly.....). Well, i continued to become weaker and weaker. I found out that ppis can cause mangesium deficiency so i took and pill of that and found that made all the difference for an achy body. I also quit the ppi 2 days ago. I feel more alive and energetic. But, today all of the sudden i am getting burping, gassiness again with constant belching and a sore throat. Its so frustrating i just wanna cry. I dont know what to do. Can a h pylori breath test be negative and yet still be wrong? I dont have quite the same symtoms as before. Not much pain in bottom of left abdomen. If i was negative for h pylori can it come back in a matter of 6 weeks to be hurting me this bad? I hate that i ever took a ppi. Does this burning of the throat ever go away? I also noticed about the last month that i have a sharp pain under my right shoulder blade. My stools as gross as it sounds come out solid and pencil shaped. When i flush it goes cloudy (doesnt stay formed). I had an ultrasound for gallstones and came negative. Maybe last thing, the specialist put me on ppi in case of reflux even tho i wasnt having any. Once i had the little pain in my abdomen i was taking apple cider vinegar daily just incase along w ppi. Could my body have a low acid amount in the stomach? After i eat im full for days. Sorry i just feel like it is one of those things and i want to figure it out soooooo bad thx for ur advice

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