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So, I didn't want to reply until I had something of real worth to add. Now I feel I might have something that could really help everyone... so over the past month, I have come across a few more tidbits that may shed light on this unholy trinity of Globus sensation, post nasal, and burning throat/hoarseness/irritation...
I was reading a detailed post by an individual complaining of the same symptoms, give or take a few details (reports will vary from individual to individual, which is understandable, as we each have different problem spots or problem areas). But to make a long story short... the poster concluded that he or she must have LPR hypersensitivity. I am beginning to think I have the same thing and that perhaps some here do as well.

I did a trial run of one week on PPIs, omprezole, to be exact. Taking the PPIs helped the globus but I knew they weren't the magic bullet I was seeking because the burning and post nasal has reared it's ugly head again. Sure enough, once the bottle was done, five days later, the post nasal and the burning was back. However, this time I couldn't think of anything that could have triggered it, except for having a bowl of fruit salad late one night and then lying down too soon afterwards... but still, I didn't have classic heartburn after the fruit bowl, just minor irritation in the back of the throat. The next morning I woke up okay, but it was just before lunch that the symptoms took hold again. As I type this now, I still have irritation/light burning in my throat. Again, no acidity from what I can tell. Also, as a Sidenote I got off of the ranitidine and started cimetidine (300mg) twice a day and that has been helpful. I take my second pill at night in case I do have night time reflux. But the ranitidine was giving me weird side effects like vertigo and dizziness.

Anyway... I noticed something... the irritation/throat burning will go away suddenly out of the blue, for no good reason (which leads me to believe it is hypersensitive nerves at work here). For example drinking a warm, NOT HOT, herbal tea and relaxing/taking my mind of it will help it.

So, as far as I am concerned, I am in the middle of a bad nerve flare up and this theory of it being hypersensitive nerves is beginning to make sense. The ENT said he didn't see anything of concern when looking at my throat and esophagus, however, he did diagnose me with silent reflux/LPR. The ENT did mention throat nerves play a role. I wish he would have elaborated on that more. This lends credibility to the theory that *some* of us may be experiencing LPR with or without nerve hypersensitivity (of the throat, or esophagus, or elsewhere even, nerve damage of some sort and your problem area may differ). It is technically called irritable esophagitis but your ENT and/or GI may call it something else.

To sum up, the poster started taking an antidepressant that heals these damaged nerves. I believe the antidepressant is Elavil and the original thread can be found by googling LPR hypersensitivity and will be of interest to those who are interested in researching this further.

I don't know about you, but the more I mull it over, the more it makes sense that somehow the nerves or nerve pathway can get damaged badly enough to bother us and it then starts to command all of our waking attention. Inhave seen similar threads of people complaining of a constant burning, sore throat, acidity of the esophagitis, vapor sensation, you name it... and I cannot help but wonder, for those who don't have Barrett's or something more serious, if it is mostly nerve damage at play here.

I am so sorry for the long essay tonight. But I look forward to hearing what others think.

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