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[QUOTE=CosMicCat;5339321]Hi everyone,
I am trying to wean all the way off of my Prilosec and am having such a hard time but am determined to do it once and for all. I really need feedback from anyone who has done this successfully. I have read the archives and have received lots of great info. I just want opinions from others regarding my current plan and progress.

I have been on very high doses of PPIs. In March of 2014, I was on 80mgs of Protonix and 40-60mgs of Pepcid daily! I switched to 60mgs of Prilosec and cut down to 40mgs Pepcid. That was in the summer. So, around July 2014, I started weaning again.

From July 2014 until now (Jan 14th 2015) I have went from 60mgs Prilosec and 40mgs Pepcid, down to zero Pepcid and only 20mgs Prilosec! I take 10mgs in the morning and 10mgs at night. I thought that was pretty good progress, though it has been very hard.

I have been using melatonin to combat the reflux and it does a great job. It strengthens the LES muscle. More on that in another post though.
I also take enzymes and probiotics. They help my gut but not my reflux.

ANYWAYS, I got a little over confident, thinking how hard can it be to drop from 20mgs to nothing? So, for a week I dropped down to only 10mgs Prilosec daily and had mild nausea. Then, Friday night, I took 10mgs and went all of Saturday with nothing. Then, Sunday came and I felt ok and still took nothing. THEN AT NIGHT IT HIT. Sunday night was awful and I ended up back on Prilosec.

My right side hurts so bad. It is my colon. My large bowel feels inflamed and ulcerated.

I am back to 10mgs at night and 10mgs morning. Here is my plan:

I need to heal from this last episode, so I have to stay on this current regimen for at least another month or two. Then, I will cut 5mgs out at a time, and stay on it for a month, then cut another 5mgs, etc etc.

Do you think that is a good plan? Why is this last little bit so much harder than the rest? Dis anyone have their colon feel inflamed?

Ugh. I am so sick of this. I never want to be on these drugs ever again. EVER. Please help. Thank you[/QUOTE]

We are in the same boat, I too have gone down from 40mg Nexium 1 x day to 5mg 1x day, it has taken me approx 10 months to get where I am. After I reach the 20mg 1 x day I tried to reduce too much and too fast, I was so beyond SICK, I have never been so SICK in all my life, like I was withdrawing from some street drug. So like you I went back to where I was to even things out before I reduced again, I reduce 5mg at a time and yes I still felt the rebound, but no where as bad as what I had experienced that one time. After things settle down and I'm feeling really good I reduce another 5mg, so that is where I am now and for the past week I feel the burn in my throat and chest. This is the first time in all of my reductions that I have burned this much and how I know and believe that it is rebound is, I never had these symptoms before Nexium, my main complaint before nexium was regurgitation 27/7, it never stopped.

I think once I settle down, I will cut it to 2.5mg for a while before I stop all together, I too am using some melatonin but haven't notice a difference yet. What helps me in a pinch is chewing sugar free non mint gum and aloe vera juice (inner gel). Also ph balance drops in my water.

I will say that I know that something I ate triggered this as it was too spicy and I didn't realize it until it was too late, because before that I was coming along just fine.

All I can say is hang in there, do not reduce TOO FAST, it could take well over a year to get off. Slow is the way to go!!! Watch what you eat!!

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