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... The problem is, while GERD can present all these ways, other things can present that way, too. GI disorders often seem to interlock in symptoms! ... (5 replies)
... Often times, when trying to sleep and the burn is in my throat, I down a couple grams of baking soda mixed with water. I get some bloating and then major burps and the reflux is gone. ... (2 replies)
... ok just today after eating at denny's I experienced real bad pain in my upper left chest area where my heart this heart burn? ... (19 replies)

... Oh, that is good that it is covered cause it is expensive. You can get the pill in generic but you have to have a prescription for it. For people that have poor prescription coverage it is a help. I have to use 800 Tagamet a day or am for now. ... (6 replies)
... experimentation and journaling of activities over time that when I have acid reflux come up my left ear experiences a burning sensation. ... (9 replies)
... I have burning in my stomach almost everyday, there isn't a day that goes by that it doesn't burn. I always burning right around my belly button area and just above it. ... (4 replies)
... myself. My gastro doc went as far as to tell me that I may be bringing on these problems myself. I haven't been able to eat solid foods like hamburger and steak in over 2 years because it feels like it gets stuck and won't go down all the way. ... (12 replies)
Anxiety from Gerd!
Jan 24, 2007
... I was diagnosed with GERD about 2 months ago and have been taking Prevacid. Problem now is significant pressure in throat, sides of neck, below adam's apple, pressure and pain in ears. Symptoms seem to come and go and i can't place an exact trigger on when or where. ... (4 replies)
... r stomach produces too much or too little is moot if the sphincter works properly. You simply won't get excessive reflux, which is what causes the heartburn and throat burn, etc. The problem with GERD is excessive reflux because of a mechanical failure. ... (11 replies)
... It's pretty tricky LPR! Certain foods do affect my LPR always seem to have discomfort in the throat area, seldom the burn in the chest but do have some at times. I think acid is acid so just because that pizza didn't bother you doesn't mean it won't the next time. ... (16 replies)
... I have this awfully bitter taste in my mouth and have had it all day. ... (1 replies)
... My throat has really been burning like fire for the last week. ... (12 replies)
... It's E - N - T, and it's for "ear-nose-throat". In Latin they are called otorhinolaryngologists (ear-nose-throat; yup), or otolaryngologists for short. It would probably be good to see an ENT for help. He may be able to scope you and better tell if you could be having reflux problems. If so, he might also refer you to a gastroenterologist (GE, or frequently called "GI... (5 replies)
... belch relieves the pain for a good amount of time...I notice it more when on my feet on waking up in the middle of the night...Usually when I drink water it helps but today at work nothing was helping till I sat down for a bit... ... (10 replies)
... t bad in itself! ... (4 replies)
... f the month even worse!!! My belly button hurts when I press it, I have an upset stomach which also bloats and feels like a balloon about to burst and my mouth, throat and tongue burn. I also get a pain in my left side just below my ribs. I thought I was imagining it but it sounds like I am not alone! ... (1 replies)
... I have acid reflux, but it usually ONLY acts up right before my period or close to it. Is this normal and does any other female have this same problem? ... (1 replies)
... I've been on Nexium for 4 months now and tho I feel better I still get the burning throat and acid taste in my mouth sometimes in the morning, and I just can't eat anything I want now that I'm on the Nex like lots of other people say they can do. ... (10 replies)
... burn when I breath in. It feels as if you had been out in the smog and you take a deep breath in. Anyone else experience this? ... (0 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
May 6, 2006
... I used to suffer from a HH, but don't get the pains any more. It was triggered by food and felt as if someone had a knife shoved in my chest and it protruded through my back..and the culprit was twisting it. ... (95 replies)

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