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... Well it felt like a hand on one side of my throat and that was freaky. ... (11 replies)
... s been a long journey and while I am better then I was five months ago, I am not symptom free but hope and pray that day will eventually come. ... (91 replies)
... It is annoying indeed, im sorry you have to go through all this, i wanted to pursue a singing career before this,i took singing lessons before this and i thought all my problems (vocal fatigue breathiness) were due to technique so did my vocal coach and i busted my ass off practicing trying to correct what i thought was my fault, i was wrong it was LPR, now i can't sing a... (16 replies)

... c of a lump I felt in my throat he told me I had acid reflux and referred me to a GI. I had the endoscopy done and he diagnosed me with Laryngitis, gastritis, hiatal hernia, duodenal ulcer and h.pylori. ... (16 replies)
... I'm taking RELIV...will let you know how it works. Nothing else has helped my LPR Reflux, which it seems you have. Was the Motility 24-hr test awful?? I'm scheduled for one this month. CHRIS (107 replies)
... Looks like this topic died. Well I have been dealing with the mucous in the throat for about 1 year and 2 months. Started at the pulmonologist. He thought it might be allergies. ... (107 replies)
... reflux increase while sleeping. Thinking is regular acid reflux will hit your throat and make you wake up, but the non acid may do more damage by sitting in your throat and not causing you to wake up. Just something interesting that I read. ... (4 replies)
... I came across this post last night when I was in pain with the same quick spasm in my throat prior to falling asleep, which I never got to do. So after a lot of thought I figured it out. ... (5 replies)
... I am 32 and I have had LPR for about fifteen years with the exact manifestation as your wife, which is constant throat clearing. However, I did not know it was LPR until this year. ... (3 replies)
... yes, i can help and no, i can't help. i can tell you that it sounds like you experienced the first joys of LPR this morning. the acid reflux made it past your UES and into your throat while you were sleeping. and it irritated it. ... (5 replies)
High Acid Foods?
Jan 31, 2008
... Your heavy LPR came on about the same time as mine did. In September of 2006 I was in an automobile accident and was put on cortecosteroids for several weeks to treat my injured back. ... (8 replies)
... The throat pain can be caused by this also, and of course the acid reflux. ... (5 replies)
... Hello All my Name is Zeyad Zaghloul and i am 18 years old i suffer from a real problem although feels like it is a small one but really it irritates my life so much PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE simply from about six years till now i still suffer from that same feeling of very very very sticky phlegm or mucus in my throat that i can't spit it out or even swallow it, it just... (14 replies)
... can create aggravation in the stomach and cause other problems. ... (27 replies)
... Should I feel the liquid? The taste is my mouth does occur when I am laying on my back and right side. When I lay on my left side, it goes away instantly. I am getting the impression that the bad taste is from PND and not acid. I have tried everything. Been to numerous doctors. (5 replies)
... Wow I was wondering this myself because this actually happened to me this week. I developed a sore throat only while sleeping which lead me to believe I had very bad GERD. ... (10 replies)
... time i go to see the doc 's they try one thing and after that they say thats it or its all in my head so im just confused. ... (27 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Barretts in August 2006. I am on Prilosec was on 40 mg a day, for 12 wks, then down to 20 mg. ... (9 replies)
Reflux Nights
Jul 14, 2009
... x on and off since last december when I had my first bout of it, never even knew of it's existance until then. It would happen overnight when sleeping, a burning throat upon waking at say 2am or 4am or even earlier. ... (5 replies)
... and became really bad. I got a new sales position and a big expense account. I was eating a lot of high fat, rich foods for lunch at many of the top Restaurants in NYC. At first I was getting chest pains and trouble breathing, I thought I was heart related as I have a history of heart diseases in my family. ... (9 replies)

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