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... before I ever started getting reflux.. however I have read that the vagus nerve, which connects the stomach and controls the heartbeat, can be irritated by relflux and spasms, which can then set off a heart palpatation. ... (14 replies)
... I am awakened almost every morning sometime between 4 and 7 am with a pulsing feeling in my chest and an elevated heartbeat. Usually goes back to normal shortly after I wake up. ... (14 replies)
... i've had reflux and heart issues for more than a year, and had all the heart tests done. all are normal. ... (14 replies)

... Rapid, bounding heartbeat is a VERY common complaint with many who have reflux (myself included, only not so much in the past few years) I do not know the correlation but it tends to be very common. (14 replies)
... the medicine, because I noticed this lots of times before I knew I had a reflux problem. It would hit me mostly when I lay down to sleep. I could get to sleep but I'd just notice it when I'd lie to bed many times. ... (14 replies)
... From what I can figure the rapid heart beat is caused by the Protonox as I never had this before (14 replies)
... I feel it sometimes in my left chest.. I had ECG and xrays but it turned out normal. ... (14 replies)
... But it seems as though when my digestion acts up, my heart acts up too and I get shortness of breath. I know something is wrong with my stomach area, but I've gotten an endoscopy and colonoscopy and doc didnt find anything. ... (14 replies)
... t the chest flutter is aused by the irritated esophagus spaspming.. PPIS should control it too... 1st week i took PPI i felt almost normal... occasional bloating and side effects but the chest flutter is back just now. Have you had endoscopy? ... (14 replies)
... Yeah, it feels as though my heart is skipping a beat, and then beating an extra one to catch up, then I get shortness of breath and my heart pounds hard and fast! I can hardly stand it. Docs tell me it might be anxiety too. ... (14 replies)
... Yeah I have read alot of people complaining with the same thing.. I was actually rushed to the ER ones for this only to be placed inone corner and said to calm myself, they said I am just having panic attacks! Well yeah my tests are ok but then the feeling is just so awful! ... (14 replies)
... I know what you mean, Chikkie! Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and I get shortness of breath. Does this happen to anyone else? ... (14 replies)
... I see my cardiologist next week and will ask him about it. I had the shortness of breath episode yesterday along with pressure like I had to burp, but couldn't. ... (14 replies)
... Most of the time taking GERD medicine is a mix and match game... some medds that work for a person doesnt work on the other... ... (14 replies)
... The doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux disease. Which I thought was odd, since I never have anything "come up" in my throat or esophagus, just heartburn only. ... (6 replies)
... but it was there. When I had some heart issues a few years ago I became hypersensitive to anything that was affecting it and it was quite distressing after eating to feel the rapid heartbeat, and otherwise internal sensitivity. ... (2 replies)
... I'm on 30 mg prevacid so far for five weeks so far and doing fine except for a few hours before bedtime where I 'feel' my food being digested, gurgle by gurgle! On Sunday I was feeling perfect. ... (0 replies)
... ate to you with regards to many of your areas. I live in the US though. I don't completely have my own answers, but have learned a lot over the last 9 years of reflux suffering. I've figured some things out and am very frustrated with others. I can share some of what I've learned personally though. ... (18 replies)
... Well here I am 2 years later!! And still asking the same thing. I went on to have a ph and menometry test back then and results were normal. In fact one doc said "you do not have acid reflux" I am still on the search for a cure or alleviation of symptoms. ... (10 replies)
... sinus pill and be fine. ... (0 replies)

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