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... aspirin, or if you had a surgical breathing tube pulled out and it all began that day, this probably applies. ... (91 replies)
... Yes, I get those symptoms. I've had reflux off and on for years. ... (7 replies)
... Reflux can cause palpitations and shortness of breath, especially if the acid hits the vagus nerve. I haven't heard of high blood pressure being a reflux symptom, but sometimes high blood pressure improves when another medical problem resolves. ... (4 replies)

... There has been a great response on this thread, I must say that the fact that there are so many here with acid reflux and palpitations just makes it more likely that they are linked. ... (36 replies)
... i have the same issue. it is the vagus nerve becoming irritated after eating. the vagus lays right along the esophagus inside the body and that is what causes it. It truly is a terrible disease and you have to be so careful what you eat. See a gastroenterologist and have him or nher advise you. ... (14 replies)
... Can a hernia be felt, do hernia's hurt? what are the symptoms of a hernia? (14 replies)
... my heart palps and near fainting and now my newly diagnosed hiatus hernia. ... (14 replies)
... Well, if it's happening after eating, that's a sign it could be digestive! When acid comes up, it can irritate the vagus nerve, which can cause all kinds of wacky symptoms. ... (14 replies)
... before I ever started getting reflux.. however I have read that the vagus nerve, which connects the stomach and controls the heartbeat, can be irritated by relflux and spasms, which can then set off a heart palpatation. ... (14 replies)
... the medicine, because I noticed this lots of times before I knew I had a reflux problem. It would hit me mostly when I lay down to sleep. I could get to sleep but I'd just notice it when I'd lie to bed many times. ... (14 replies)
... Sounds like vagus nerve to me. Good advice!! ... (14 replies)
... Five months ago I swore when I finally was symptom free I would create a website providing treatments options and direction on what tests are needed to help educate others like me with this condition. ... (91 replies)
... I really think the damage to my vagus nerve is the cause of my LPR. ... (3 replies)
... If no,t how do you know if your LES and UES are working properly? ... (91 replies)
... Sometimes mine spreads to the shoulder, neck and even jaw a few times.... ... (0 replies)
Acid reflux
Oct 11, 2014
... I have pretty severe reflux issues and now get it under control for periods of time, then have 'flares' usually triggered by a cough. ... (3 replies)
... that the vagus nerve is more irritated as the esop is irritated. ... (22 replies)
... When The acid shoots up your esphogus it can irritate the vagus nerve thus causing heart palps. ... (39 replies)
... think it has to do with the Vagus nerve which runs from the top of the throat to the abdomen. When it is irritated it will give you palpitations. ... (8 replies)
... volved. I experienced all of that, even before I knew I had a GI problem. I don't get it much, but it happens. I typically had it happen when I would lie down and start sleeping. ... (22 replies)

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