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... I've been on aciphex for 5 yrs and my reflux has mostly been under control. My break through acid started getting worse and I had a horrible acid attack that lead to a sinus infection and strep throat. ... (0 replies)
... t in its new position. The purpose of the surgery is to function as your LES does. Every time your stomach contracts, it contracts around the esophagus to keep acid from coming up into the esophagus. ... (2 replies)
... The problem is I usually get reflux once a month....not just heartburn pain behind the sternum, the very painful type that goes through my back and up to throat.... ... (6 replies)

... My reflux is "silent". I knew my asthma was out of control, but I had no idea that it was the reflux that was causing it because I also have environmental asthma triggers. Cold air is a major trigger and it was in the middle of winter. ... (18 replies)
... I do experience other symptoms too. I cannot eat grapefruits or else I will have major reflux with burning acid. Sometimes when I am sleeping, my throat sticks together and I wake up gasping for air for a second. ... (5 replies)
... (5 replies)
... How long have you had your reflux symptoms? ... (5 replies)
Jan 25, 2009
... e UES. I've read that often with LPR the regular probe can come back OK while the upper probe shows the reflux. Not sure how that works since I would think the acid hits the lower first, but then I'm not the scientist. ... (5 replies)
... (14 replies)
Ongoing pneumonia
Oct 27, 2008
... To my understanding, one treatment is to use PPIs to reduce the harmfulness of the stomach acid that may be getting aspirated into the lungs. This alone will not stop the actual refluxing, only the harshness of the acid. ... (4 replies)
... I have been dealing with a chronic cough for about 15 years. It wasn't until 2002 that I found out I had reflux. With the cough as my only reflux symptom at the time, it was a difficult diagnosis. ... (5 replies)
... ow anyone can live in this world and not encounter stress. Any time I lift something heavy or bend over to pick up something, I have an immediate sensation of acid or bile or whatever rising to my throat. I have learned to avoid that whenever possible. ... (21 replies)
... of malls often carries their products and would probably carry other digestive enzymes as well. Just make sure whatever digestive enzyme you buy has hydrochloric acid in it. I would recommend the max doses for you at first of both the vinegar and the enzymes. ... (29 replies)
Chest Pains
May 3, 2008
... Also, GERD can cause acid to splash up into the lungs causing breathing problems, bronchitis, and pneumonia. This may be happening to you since your GERD is so severe. ... (1 replies)
... I have beent trying to fix my problem for about 4-5 years now. I hear the same thing from the docs, even went to a GI and haven't had much success. It started with tight chest pressure/pain in the sternum area whenever I would bend over. ALmost like a muscle strain. Went to doc about 4 years ago for this, they did a scope and said it was acid GERD/refulx. Since then, I've... (5 replies)
To charberry
Feb 24, 2008
... h and not my lungs causing the problems, I said "no way." But, when I went thru all the test, sure enough they showed reflux. My Ph test never showed that much acid but gastro said it wasn't the amt but where it was being thrown that was causing my problems. Into my lungs, trachea, voice box, throat all the way to my sinus. ... (3 replies)
... Cass, that's the way it was for me, for years I took meds that only worked a little while or not at all, then everything would come back. I didn't have so much "heartburn" per say, I had bad chest pain, would sometimes travel into my shoulder and jaw, stomach pain,burping,lump in my throat. Everything eventually became my enemy, I was down to eating very bland foods, and even... (9 replies)
... u did reference beer in one of your posts and he said that was the absolute WORST thing you could do if you have reflux. Something in beer triples the amount of acid your stomach will produce thus causing your reflux to triple in severity. ... (22 replies)
... Im new to the forum. I was diagnosed with gerds about a year ago. My symptoms wre severe heartburn, reflux of acid when sleeping, lump in throat, pain in back around shoulder blades, tightening of throat, and spasms in my esophagus and throat. ... (20 replies)
... urn and the reflux. I was scared going into the surgery itself, and the first 2 days weren't too fun. I had to have a nasal GI tube in, which basically pumps the acid out of your stomach until you can start eating again. ... (11 replies)

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