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... s but i dont have to try because i get full pretty fast. im hardly even hungry during the day. i am only 18 but am overweight but dont think i will have a heart attack but it scares me so much and i dont want to stress over it and have anxiety anymore. ... (0 replies)
... I am sufferring today it's like my esophagus is swollen because stuff is getting stuck going down. I cannot take prilosec it brings a gallbladder attack, best I can do is Tagament and then I suffer side effects like headache headache and kidney pain. I also think a hiatal hernia exist because on the days I work where I have to pull, lift of bend over I get worse symptoms. ... (38 replies)
... Good luck, if it's gerd change of eating habits and a prescription for anti acid pills can help. ... (3 replies)

... t help by itself. I've added aloe juice and marshmallow root open capsule in water and drinking licorice tea sooths the tissues so stuff I learned after my first attack couple years ago. ... (38 replies)
... The thing that has helped me immensely is eating gluten-free. It's more expensive, but worth it. Last night I had a horrible "attack" which was helped by digestive enzymes (from local health food store), Magnesium/Calcium pill and some chinese herbs called GI Care given to me by the naturopath I'm working with. (6 replies)
... but not new in the way of searching endlessly for answers. I have been suffering since I was around 32 yrs old. I am now 37 and thought I was managing gastritis, reflux pretty well until recently. I had a first time episode that involved my throat and now I wonder if it might have been the underlying problem all along. ... (91 replies)
... Thank you very much for your response. I'm 24, 25 next month. I rarely take any kind of painkillers (except tonight because pain was so bad, was a long shot, but only end up making pain worse) I have recently been taking rennie which as I said did dull the pain a little. Thank you for your advice, this will help a lot to be more structured in my appointment tomorrow... (7 replies)
... counter acid reducers, like Zantac. They generally work within an hour. ... (7 replies)
... me way late at night for the most part. It would wake me out of a sound sleep with a nagging little pain about mid chest. I guess I thought I was having a heart attack at first but I had no trouble squeezing pain associated with heart pain in my arms or anything. Never went to the ER because of it. ... (38 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with extremely severe reflux for years now. My primary symptoms are a chronic cough and difficulty breathing. ... (1 replies)
... Yes I did. A very squeemish stomach! Sometimes food actually came back up to the bottom of the throat. I had suffered from gas in the top of the stomach for years, but never did anything about it until the pain got so bad, all up the chest, that I thought I was having a heart attack. After a fast trip to hospital, three days there having every sort of test, I was told it... (5 replies)
... Hi MLB65 Actually, this is exactly how my Gerd was discoverd. I had terrible indigestion for years, and ignored it. Finally one evening I had such sever chest pains, my husband thought I was having a heart attack, and quickly drove me to emergency, where I spent the next three days having every test known to man. Heart was finally ruled out, and after more tests GERD was... (30 replies)
Acid reflux
Oct 2, 2010
... gulp food or to chew insufficiently. Last night, I ate about a half a bowl of white rice with some soy sauce before I started eating anything else and a terrible attack ensued. ... (4 replies)
... do sometimes get chest and back pains. Once i woke up at 3am and thought i was having a heart attack!....Doctors told me it was acid. Theres so many symptoms for acid reflux. But at the moment its the sore throat thats bothering me!! ... (15 replies)
... The doctor says I have acid reflux after 3 months of heart testing!! I have an inflamed back and upper chest and it goes into spasms somtimes similar to an angina attack. ... (15 replies)
... Your symptoms sound like mine used to be. You will have to totally change your diet. You can start by leaving alone any foods or drinks with citrus, tomatos, vinegar, dairy, onions, alcholic drinks, soda, beer or spicy additives of any kind. Most people can't do that so they keep on suffering. And you will have to do this for a long time. Once damage is done, it takes a long... (3 replies)
... Anjiell: You must have been on doxy for a long time for that to have happened. Why were you taking doxy? Just wondering because lots of people with Lyme take doxy. I am being tested for lyme and waiting for the results because of all different symptoms i have been having for a long time now. I suffer with a great deal of indigestion. It seems to be chronic. Nothing helps and... (45 replies)
... you may have developed asthma related to the refulx. my daughter did. go see an ent or pulmo. start with a pulmo tell him about you issues and take it from there. i just spent the last year getting heart, kidney and then woke up paralyzed in apr. i know how you feel it can get better. whittle them down. hang in there. if you have not been to a gastro go there first. (45 replies)
... Hi Everyone: I think my situation is a little different then everybody else. I have severe indigestion all day and some discomfort in the middle of my back in between the shoulder blades and in the upper stomach near around the hiatal hernia. No heartburn, Just a lump that starts in the throat and goes all the way down to the upper stomach. I also have a problem getting a... (45 replies)
... I drank a tall glass lemonade five days days ago, and six hours after drinking it (and eating nothing in between), I started having a sharp, uncomfortable stomach ache which moved up into my chest, giving me heartburn I THINK ( not a burning feeling, like a really bad stabbing, pressure feeling) in the center of my chest. The last time I had a little lemonade, I started... (3 replies)

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