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... RD seem to have issues with anxiety. The irony is the more fearful we get about our GERD pain begin a heart attack or something seriously wrong with us, the more acid we produce, so it's a never ending cycle of pain. ... (38 replies)
... hurt, I had sushi. But that day, I was worried I had a spot on my face, and was going to doc to check it out. It was fine, but in the meantime, I got so worked up I got a whole bout of the runs, and it al started from that point. The the doctor gave me lactulose and that helped because I got constipated after all that. ... (14 replies)
... Does anyone else have their acid reflux flare up when being angry or emotionally upset? ... (14 replies)

... yes anger or any type of stress flares mine up to, like now I feel terrible and I haven't had a acid reflux flare up in a while, Im on ranitidine and it works. But Im mad as hell at my husband so it's not working. ... (14 replies)
... is triggering the acid reflux. I think the acid reflux is causing the clenching. I have LPR and GERD. ... (7 replies)
... between bouts but when it hits, it hits. I have chronic acid reflux and am on constant medication...Previcid... ... (4 replies)
... I can't seem to give up my beloved chocolate! ... (22 replies)
... up until I started noticing a pattern. I am on day 5 of not having coffee and its really hard but I havent had as much reflux pain. ... (4 replies)
... y bland diet, no pop, low caffeine, no coffee, nothing spicy or acidic. just bland and boring...but i'm used to it. by the way...the fact that you worry can make reflux flare up too. nothing to worry about. ... (12 replies)
Acid reflux
Oct 11, 2014
... I have pretty severe reflux issues and now get it under control for periods of time, then have 'flares' usually triggered by a cough. Unfortunately, when I flare it does take a while to get back under control. ... (3 replies)
... menopausal. Then my heart would hurt and I really thought I might be having a heart attack. I looked up online and symptoms for women are different than men. After a few days of calming myself down and assumed it wasn't, seemed like the pain went away. ... (12 replies)
... I first started experiencing acid reflux back in 2004. ... (10 replies)
... I've been suffering from a big flare up of acid reflux the past two months. I was eating soft grinded food initially because solid foods weren't going down right. ... (14 replies)
... (1 replies)
... Acid reflux can cause irritation to the lungs causing asthma to flare. Occassionally it can also be aspirated into the lungs, but that is more rare. I've had reflux and asthma for years. ... (2 replies)
... in early February 2014. Let me preface this by saying, NO, I dont mean, I had a sinuc infection, my snot was yellow, my throat hurt, my ears hurt, i was coughing up mucus. ... (1 replies)
... The coughing from the PND squeezes the stomach and causes the acid to come up even more. The PND and acid irritating the lungs and throat can also make your cough even worse. ... (3 replies)
... I have no gallbladder so my digestive system is messed up. My PCP is saying I might have Spinctor of the Oddi dysfunction or I may have acid reflux. I have been tested over 9 months ago for an endoscopy and had other tests and all they could find was mild non specific gastritis. ... (1 replies)
... so the more you pay doesn't mean the more it will work I found this out after spending hundreds on acid reflux meds. Please pray that helps the most especially with the depression from having this awful disease. ... (18 replies)
... caused by eating certain things, taking other medication, etc. For the most part if you have minor, occasional acid reflux it may flare up every once in a while but should return to normal after a few hours or days. ... (15 replies)

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