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... asthma AND acid reflux. ... (2 replies)
... Lately i have been feeling really nauseated. Mostly after i eat. I do have anxiety and sometimes that can be the cause. And i may have acid reflux. Usually belching helps me aliveate the nausea for a short period of time. I am deathly afraid of vomiting. ... (3 replies)
... e tight throat is what bothers me the most, it makes it difficult for me to burp, and it feels like I have a tight necked shirt on. It also sometimes triggers my gag reflex. I get it too, even when I don't feel the acid in my stomach. ... (0 replies)

... Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I should be posting this in a sleep disorder forum or an acid reflux forum or perhaps a totally different forum, as the problem is quite complicated. ... (2 replies)
... Okay so I have had acid reflux for about 3 weeks now. The only symptom i had was nausea for three straight days when waking up. Then, I woke up fine bu experienced nausea later that day. ... (1 replies)
... acid reflux years ago but it comes and goes....nothing really seems to trigger it. The last few days I get the urge to puke.... ... (11 replies)
... use permanet damage, so I am going to go asap. Anyway, almost everyday, just out of no where, I start feeling really sick to my stomach, and sometimes I start to gag it gets so bad. Then after about 10 minutes of dealing with that, I get the awful heartburn. The kind where the burn is just unbearable at times. ... (5 replies)
... Or is it really acid reflux? ... (6 replies)
... I'm only 16, so I have no idea if it's acid reflux or not. ... (5 replies)
... Doctor reckons its stress wants me to have an endoscopy but I'm too afraid of this and know that my gag response it way too high. Are there any other treatments that can confirm acid reflux? ... (2 replies)
Acid reflux
Oct 16, 2006
... ery scary. Than I usually let out a cough or two and that sometimes make me choke again. Than my throat feels hoarse after that for a while. I have some of the acid reflux symptoms because I do have alot of hearburn and indigestion and have very loud burps too. Does anyone have any of these symptoms? ... (0 replies)
... says he CANNOT burp either. He suffers from very bad acid reflux and is on many meds to control it. ... (1 replies)
... but they don't fix the problem, they just 'distract' my gag reflex temporarily. ... (16 replies)
... Also during this time I might feel like talking hurts a bit, or maybe not hurts but it strains the throat and makes it feel even tighter. And then there is the gag reflux. It feels like whatever is lumped in my throat is triggering my need to gag or vomit. So if I am not careful I will begin to gag automatically. ... (14 replies)
... I have suffered from esophageal spasms due to acid reflux for 16 years. I'm a very small person. ... (30 replies)
... There are different types of testing done for acid reflux. It sounds like you are describing a 24 hr pH test. It is usually done with a Manometry. Are you having one of those as well? ... (14 replies)
... happy gag reflex, all by itself. ... (0 replies)
... t. An ultrasound, catscan and MIR later turned up nothing. Then they decided to have a barium swallow performed and as I watched it was clear as day that I had acid reflux. I've never had any symptoms of heartburn or anything else associated with GERD. ... (0 replies)
... m experiencing sounds anything like acid reflux or something similar? ... (7 replies)
... i have anxiety and reflux.i have been having trouble eating i feel sick like plem in my throat and i almost wanna gag from it... ... (0 replies)

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