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... Hi Elainey64. I'm always hungry too, but never made a connection to acid reflux. ... (2 replies)
... I have suffered from this too. I have had really bad acid reflux where I feel a pressure in my chest, and like something is stuck in my throat. It get's worse at night but I know what you mean about the hunger feeling. ... (2 replies)
... I had acid reflux for 9 years, and my primary symptom was feeling hungry all the time, even right after eating. If I was on Prevacid I didn't have that, but off Prevacid I did. ... (17 replies)

... Hey thanks for the reply! Much appreciated. I know that I am not bleeding from anywhere, not unless the doc has missed something . There is as yet no ulcer, but they have confirmed severe gerd via endoscopy 4 years ago, done all the ph testing and am sat here waiting for fundoplication surgery this summer. They reckon as the top meds wont hold the gerd in check I should have... (5 replies)
... Pretty much for me, I get bloated really easily, get hunger pains even when I shouldn't get hungry, vomit occassionally, nausea, upper mid abdominal pain, and can't eat sometimes. It could be linked to your GI tract. ... (5 replies)
... migraine sufferer and if I don't eat regularly I will get a headache. I think my blood sugar drops when that happens. Then again all of this could be due to the acid reflux. Nothing surprises me anymore with this illness! I never would have guessed that my symptoms were LPR! It's crazy! ... (6 replies)
... It seems like it is getting worse. I had a horrible morning today. I still have those hunger pains, but can only eat very little. ... (53 replies)
... cough, clearing my throat constantly and burping up food. I have had 3 doctors tell me that I have acid reflux along with my IBS. ... (3 replies)
... hing. For the past week, I have been having the feeling of burping up food and pressure in my throat. Went to see the doctor, and he prescribed some medicine for Acid Reflux which hasnt worked yet, but it seems the medicine could take a while to work after reading some of these posts. ... (53 replies)
... Hey everyone, I have been suffering with the same symptoms for a few months now and recently had to leave my nursing classes because I could not breath in class. I have symptoms of air hunger (continuous yawning because i feel like I cant get enough air in) and then my heart races and I feel dizzy and weak. The night before I was also having acid reflux really bad and I... (13 replies)
... here is no way I could eat very little from lunch to bed. During my whole rebound experience, the cells in my stomach have gone haywire not only producing excess acid but also excess enzymes making me feel hungry all the time. If I don't eat often all day the acid eats into my stomach. ... (206 replies)
... I know that hunger that is relieved by eating can also be a sign of a ulcer, but there are usually other symptoms like pain. Thats all that I can think of. ... (5 replies)
... But I am starting to think maybe acid reflux has something to do with it? ... (2 replies)
... acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. I know that gastroparesis is supposed to cause early satiety, but she is constantly hungry. More like starving. ... (2 replies)
... the hunger pain, burning, and lump in my throat feeling is the same symptoms he struggled with. ... (17 replies)
... My burning is gone, I think it was a fluke thing from the popcorn. however the constant hunger and ball in throat feeling never leaves. That, my friend, is probably the worrying and anxiety I think. Best wishes to you, keep us posted on the results! ... (17 replies)
... Just an update. The burning sensation/hunger feelings have improved a little over the past few days, but the lump feeling in my throat and food stuck in my chest feeling is driving me absolutely insane. I cannot stand it anymore. I made an appt with an ENT and we will go from there. Hopefully he can give me some answers. My appt is next Wednesday Sept. 1 (17 replies)
... Its probably nothing, but ulcers cause hunger like pain like you are describing. Follow up with your Dr if it doesnt get better. ... (17 replies)
... And the funny thing is too, I am female and 32 years old, and also suffer from anxiety...are you on any prescriptions? So strange as reading your post, I have all of those exact symptoms, the hunger, the plugged feeling in throat...this is bizarre. Please let me know your findings (if any)..thank you and hope you get some relief soon, this sucks! (17 replies)
... About 4 days later, I started getting this hunger sensation that did not go away upon eating. ... (17 replies)

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