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... ramedics once. I feel like I cannot even eat anymore, Im losing sleep a couple nights a week and this is just getting really annoying because the doctor said its acid reflux. My symptoms when its bad, start with some pressure in the chest then I sometimes get shooting pains in my left arm. ... (38 replies)
... I am a 24 year old college student from California who was diagnosed with Acid Reflux disease and a medium sized Hiatal Hernia back in January of this year. ... (2 replies)
... seems like everything gives me heartburn. so does magnesium. Just can't seem to get my bowels to move without all the spasms and heartburn. Unfortunatley, the reflux does not abate with the passing of stool. Soemtimes the more days in a row I go, the worse it gets, although this has gotten a little better over the years. ... (70 replies)

... I'm at my wits end 6 weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died 2 weeks ago x but because of the stress etc ive had extreme burning in my stomache chest and back had nausea every day everything i eat sets me off im not eating masses as i have no appetite im very anxious nervy etc my life is rubbish i feel ill every day and monday i was rushed to a and e... (4 replies)
... I have not had the numbness issue but I do have strange "sensations" at times with my tongue. ... (3 replies)
... There are also physical searches and something to do with electrical stimulation of the larynx. With that, they can sense numbness or paralysis of the different parts of the larynx, like the vocal folds. ... (91 replies)
... I have the same issues, was rushed into emergency when i arrived last year, my BP was sky high, my chest felt slightly painful and i had pressure in my throat. I was diagnosed with PVC's which is an irregular heart beat, but not a bad rhythm, after my 4-5 trip to emergency, same number of ECG's, an echo, My hubby and I finally looked up all the symptoms on the net, I had an... (70 replies)
... Gentille, The problem you have is somewhat like what I have with some bowel movements. The problem that I have is sometimes when I have to have a bowel movement (or have bad gas), my heart rate starts to rise and I start to get pain and numbness in my left arm and some esophageal pain/spasms (The problem usually is at noght while I am sleeping). I know the problem sounds like... (70 replies)
... I have the same pain in the sternum area that you do. I also was diagnosed with acid reflux a number of years ago, I currently do not take any medication, because the nexium did not help me, nor did the prilosec. ... (7 replies)
... found that it's good to ask doctors explict questions like "how certain are you that any esophageal discomfort I'm experiencing is caused by something other than acid reflux". ... (7 replies)
... r doctor. I usually breath in and out and try to calm myself done when it happens. I don't know what I have yet but the gasterologist is telling me gerd or acid reflux. I am going to try the probiotics to reduce some of the gas. ... (8 replies)
Laboured Breathing
May 17, 2008
... First off here's a history of all medical problems I have had, maybe earlier things in life maybe linked with any of the acid symptoms I have now. I am now 36yrs old. ... (1 replies)
... h I found out that I still was the same, even worser. Then I went back to the doctor, but this time she was away and her subtitute informed of a possible case of ACID REFLUX. Which I dismissed. ... (4 replies)
... h I found out that I still was the same, even worser. Then I went back to the doctor, but this time she was away and her subtitute informed of a possible case of ACID REFLUX. Which I dismissed. ... (29 replies)
... er of fact, I had very acute increased pain from the chiropracter. My shoulders felt like I had 100 pounds on them at one point and my arm went from intermittant numbness and tingling to bouts of complete numbness. I personally believe the injured area became destabilized with the adjustments. ... (25 replies)
Is this Gerd?
Jan 24, 2008
... of your symptoms could be explained by acid reflux. ... (1 replies)
... raphs of the voice box irregularities. Most will affect the speech patterns. It's worth looking into. I have many of the above symptoms, which mimic those of the acid reflux. Then again, I have acid reflux, so it's impossible for me to make a distinction. ... (5 replies)
1 Year with LPR
Mar 28, 2014
... When I have LPR I also get numbness in my hands at night during sleep. It seems to be a rare symptom. I read that it has to do with acid reflux occurring close to some nerve cluster in the chest. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Sanchez. As we "speak" I am having the squeezing in my throat with discomfort in my chest/upper stomach. I am standing as I write this - I put my laptop on top of a box so I can stand. When you mentioned the problem with sitting for a long period of time, it hit home to me. My husband and I travel a lot and if I'm in the car for too long - the agony starts. First I get... (19 replies)
... Well that sucks my doctors pretty open to it but yes he does have to order mine also great think is the medical group he is with has everything online you make appointments see your lab results email your doctors email nurses it is a pretty sweet setup they have oly had it for about one year the lab results you can see them as early as he can I think one of the tricks with a... (26 replies)

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