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... experimentation and journaling of activities over time that when I have acid reflux come up my left ear experiences a burning sensation. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I to have acid reflux for around 11 yrs maybe 12. It sure a pain to deal with. I was just sleeping and starting to cough up the acid, burning my thoat and almost making me vomit. ... (9 replies)
... That went on for two days before I started OTC generic prilosec, next day started coughing. Sometimes dry, scratchy cough, other times what feels like a lot of sinus drainage collecting in my throat. ... (0 replies)

... ons. Or is it ACID ready to kill my esophagus and throat!? ... (9 replies)
... And today I read up on LPR. I am wondering if the Eustachian tube dysfunction is being CAUSED by acid reflux? ... (7 replies)
... There has been a great response on this thread, I must say that the fact that there are so many here with acid reflux and palpitations just makes it more likely that they are linked. ... (36 replies)
... don't get the heartburn very often eithor but I have mucus in my nose and throat, drainage, and I have to keep clearing my throat. It makes me wonder if I have a sinus infection. Its hard to tell the difference. I don't have any sinus pain or pressure, that is what makes me think it's the silent reflux. ... (11 replies)
... This could be LPR which is a form of acid reflux where acid refluxes into the throat and sometimes hits the larynx. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I also took a series of antibiotics from a sinus infection (which might be acid reflux related) and that sent my stomach to pain. I just recently got it controlled, but now I'm facing other "silent GERD" symptoms that aren't very silent. Try to increase the good bacteria in your stomach first by using pro-biotics. Also try aloe juice and eliminate carbs in your diet. (21 replies)
... My spleen was swollen and I felt horrid. Could barely eat and I developed acid reflux. ... (32 replies)
... Sorry for cutting in but did you ever get plugged ears and dizziness with sinus attacks ? ... (7 replies)
... y to tell the difference. I've had a flare of reflux symptoms lately and I was at my GI doc this week and told him I'd had an increase in PND and thought it was reflux related since my allergies have been fully controlled for the last couple years and I'm not having any other allergy symptoms now. ... (7 replies)
... I am asking because my phmetry was normal but the impedance test showed multiple events of weakly acid reflux. ... (7 replies)
... my lungs checked out and they were clear. I went to ENT, he looked looked down my throat and saw a lot of mucus. He gave me a food an allergy test, CT scan of my sinus to rule out post nasal drip as I have a slight deviate septum. All negative. He then gave me a FESS and Strobe test where you swallow a green dye. ... (91 replies)
... For the past few years, I've been having sinus problems. ... (0 replies)
... But I am starting to think maybe acid reflux has something to do with it? ... (2 replies)
Silent Acid Reflux
Jun 24, 2012
... dr told me to not take the protonix unless I felt like I had heartburn so I didn't. One morning I thought I was having a heart attack. Chest pain, sweating, jaw pain I thought this was it. Add to the fear that my dad had died at 46, I called an ambulance. The ER dr said I was ok and sent me home. ... (40 replies)
... Ok I looked it up you put that stuff in your mouth and cheek. I do take digestive enzymes which contain those ingredients but its pill form. They are really ment to help breakdown food in your stomach. I would never put that stuff in your mouth. No wonder it was burning after a while. (91 replies)
... Ease XL" is distributed by Hydromed and was created by an ENT named Dr. Murray Grossan. I found out about the product because I use the pulsating sinus irrigator that he created. It helps to prevent colds and sinus infections, but, unfortunately, it hasn't helped my throat at all. ... (91 replies)
... I literally had acid reflux become life threatening for me a couple years ago. It was aggrevating my asthma to the point that I needed emergency help. ... (22 replies)

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