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... the last 5 years are increasingly calling into question the "difficulty" of making an LPR diagnosis, particularly since we mostly have no heartburn, no previous acid problems until the acute onset, no signs on barium swallow or endoscopy. Well, that's because it's not reflux! ... (91 replies)
... Yes, when my acid reflux is really bad I notice I cough as well. but I also have allergies and I always thought my tickle was from that. Now i wonder. ... (5 replies)
... I get this from acid reflux. I am taking carafate right now and it seems to help with the throat tickle. ... (5 replies)

... I get that tickle too and it wakes me up in my sleep. It's like dry in there and it is different from any other cough. It seems to be the one that comes with acid reflux. ... (5 replies)
... feeling. So I know beyond doubt what excessive acid is and the burning feeling, I've had none of that in my bout with GERD. ... (5 replies)
... I am on Nexium for my problem. I was told it is acid reflux, but I am questioning it. just want to know if anyone else has my problem. I get a tickle in my throat and I cough until I cough up a clear thick slime. I have never had heart burn in my life, nor do I have any pain. ... (5 replies)
... Well, I have this problem that my GP basically ignored when I mentioned it. I have a constant bad taste in my mouth. Have had it since December. Before that I was having occasional coughing for months and a tickle in my throat, so my doc gave me Pepcid. ... (2 replies)
... gs to test for Celiac's. They came back negative. If I didn't belch so much, I would have to say I wouldn't really have a problem. Now I notice too that I have a tickle in my throat that causes me to cough and that comes and goes through out the day. I have a friend who is healthy, active, doesn't some or drink. ... (7 replies)
... I will be feeling fine and talking then suddenly will get a tickle like a feather on my tonsil. I will then start coughing uncontrollablly. Until my eye start watering and I cant talk. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks in advance. ... (6 replies)
... Hope I can answer some of your questions. Aciphex is a prescription medication which is supposed to be very good for acid reflux. ... (19 replies)
... off noticeable acid reflux for the past year or so. I took prilosec prescribed by my GP for a time which seemed to help. ... (12 replies)
... About the beginning of July, I would wake up with sort of a tickle in my throat that would make me cough. I thought it was just because of the weather so I brushed it off. It went on for a few days but it disappeared. ... (1 replies)
... started out with a cold I got from the kindergartners I was around. Just the usual, sore throat, sneezing, watery 17 days later I have that darn tickle cough. Its been going on for days. I can't stand it!! Constant drainage and mucus. I went ahead and got on a zpack just in case it was a sinus infection. ... (0 replies)
... (13 replies)
... Hi everyone! I have posted plenty of times on the reflux thread. I do suffer from the on and off. I thought I had done better since summer. I have some questions. ... (13 replies)
... Here I am again with gunk in my throat. It seems it has to be reflux. I just keep trying to clear my throat and there is another lung snail. haha! Creeping up. I keep trying to clear it. I have been awake the past 4 nights at 3 to 4 am and can not sleep. ... (13 replies)
... scratch feeling in the throat where the "lump" resides that causes you to cough and your eyes to fill up with tears? ... (6 replies)
... ly though, hearburn always comes back. Ive heard other people with the same problems. Lately I have been having a full stomach feeling sometimes and a lump stuck in the throat feeling and naseous feeling. My tounge has a yellowish color that comes back after I brush it clean and a slight tickle cough. ... (9 replies)
... However, just these past few years, one bout of choking on my food, led to a couple more in a matter of months. Now, I just feel like sometimes, food get stuck in my throat. Could be that my tongue weakened a bit, don't know, but it is not a common thing with cp anyway. ... (2 replies)

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