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... I will try to make it short as possible. I am a 35 yo female. 5'5 130 pounds. Born with a hiaital hernia which has never bothered me. ... (2 replies)
Burning Stomach
Mar 4, 2009
... Is a "burning stomach" a sign of Acid Reflux..... i mean when i dont eat it really hurts and after i eat my tummy feels like its on fire.... ... (2 replies)
... He said it shouldn't cause much harm and put me on PPI's but it hurts pretty much after every meal. I even tried just a blended fruit smoothy diet for 2 days and it ended up hurting. I avoid all the trigger foods, eat smaller meals more regularly. ... (2 replies)

... (7 replies)
... Okay, so I'm not sure if this should be on this board, but I didn't see a stomach problems board. ... (0 replies)
... I am just starting prilosec 40 mg and not sure how long it will take to heal my esophagus.I notice after i eat i get burning in chest,leftarm and back.I also have hiatel hernia.Dr says my esophogus is agrivated. ... (7 replies)
... Hello! I am a 26 year old male. I have been healthy all my life until now... ... (5 replies)
... After I eat anything I start getting a really bad stomach ache, I've had gastritis before and that was pure hell. ... (2 replies)
... anyone know why i get bad stomaches after eating? ... (6 replies)
... I also have I.B.S. Everything went well. I had the barrium swallow test a few days after surgery and it went great. I went home after 3 days from the hospital and had liquids for 3 days. The pain was bad for a bit but that subsided. Then started soft food for a week after that. ... (3 replies)
... Beccppihater, I am so sorry you are feeling down today. Have you tried any kind of digestive enzymes. many people swear by them. I bought some but they gave me diarrhea but it sounds like you need some help in the digesting food department. ... (206 replies)
Taking Calcium
Jan 29, 2014
... I've been taking 2 a day plus a multi vitamin everyday for about 2 weeks and in the morning after the 1st calcium pill I get kinda sick to my stomach or my stomach hurts for awhile. I take the 2nd after supper with the multi and it's not as bad at night. Any input? ... (1 replies)
... I had H Pylori last year and during the endoscope the doctor saw a hiatal hernia. I was treated with antibiotics and dioxin and it took a couple of months but I finally started feeling better. About a month ago I think I had food poisoning and had diarrhea 15 times in one day. ... (2 replies)
... Fire Girl, not sure how long the actual healing process will take. My doc told me if I don't rush things, at about 8 weeks I can return to my usual activities, like the gym. Not back to what I used to do, but I can begin again at lesser weights and running. He said start slow, and work up. ... (19 replies)
... Hi can you please describe the chest pain? Is it constant? I have chest pain where if I move the tissue hurts or something hurts in the chest area (30 replies)
... I'm a 55yr. old female with GERD. About 3wks ago just out of the blue i started having really bad indigestion. My indigestion isnt like heartburn but hurts right above my belly button. I was having naseua as well and also something i have never had,,my throat was doing some weird stuff. ... (2 replies)
Quality of Life
Jul 2, 2012
... Bose my symptoms actually seem to come a couple or three hours after I eat. They disappear when I first eat. It seems if my stomach is full or partially full it stops it, then as it empties it starts. I don't get heartburn though, just feel the irritation in my voice and lungs. ... (28 replies)
... I am going to see a doctor about this but I was reading some posts I found in a search so I thought I would see what the people think too. ... (2 replies)
... I do not take acid reducers. When I first saw the GI, those times I had the feeling that sth was stuck in my throat and chest in addition to back bain while swallowing , and hence the doctor advised me acid reducers, Nexium and sth else which did not help. ... (25 replies)
... many doctors. mine started last June and it will be a yera 2 months later. It started with drinking at first and was n m chest for just a short while as far as I remeber but then my back . i did so many things. First I had my lung x ray , it was ok. Then had the Mr of my back and neck . ... (25 replies)

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