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... I have been struggling with chronic acid reflux which is driving me crazy. ... (3 replies)
... I've been on PPI'S a few years for acid reflux I've had 2 endoscopies and was told before the second one not to take my PPI for 10 days prior The endoscopy showed Gastritis and Duodenitis, caused I believe by coming off the PPI abruptly ( rebound acid reflux ) I would urge anyone wanting to come off PPI'S to do so very slowly I weaned off mine and it was hard, you're... (6 replies)
... But would add reflux can damage the oesophagus and even lead to Barratts Oesophagus which can lead to anyone at risk from that must take PPI'S. ... (7 replies)

... Hi and welcome to the forum, YoYo - could be bad acid reflux and/or an ulcer. Try zantac (or generic) along with Gavison (or generic) if you're not going to take the PPI. Have you had a endoscopy and test for h. pylori? That's what they will do if they suspect an ulcer. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Try a bland diet, and reduce sugar. Try it for a few weeks to see if... (4 replies)
... Stress can cause reflux, but diet is the worse culprit If you are in the middle of an episode you need to avoid all food triggers Chocolate Mint Fatty foods Spicy foods Tomato based foods Onions Citrus (4 replies)
... Thank you so much four the reply. I finally got to sleep and have woken with the pain still there. I know I'm inpatient. Only been 5 days.. What is ratinidine, carapace suspension and alpha liposuction acid? Do I need a prescription for these? Whee do I get it from? I'm willing to try anything. I'll try the food idea. Not tried that before. Thank you again fur your reply. (3 replies)
... I am really sorry you are not feeling well. I can only share what helps me when I have a flare with acid reflux and I am not sure if it will help you. The first thing I do is change my diet. I eat only foods with a pH of 5 or higher. ... (3 replies)
... I have been dealing with acid reflux for about 14 years which has over this time gotten gradually much worse. As of now I suffer 7 days a week with no relief from antacids. ... (45 replies)
Acid reflux
Dec 19, 2014
... Hi DanielleMarie20. I've had silent GERD & a hiatal hernia for awhile now. I always suggest going to a doctor to find out what's wrong. Gaviscon & mints only made me feel worse. If you have acid reflux, there are foods you need to stay away from, like chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, soda pop, garlic, onions, spicy food, berries & even any red meat will kick up acid. I know... (1 replies)
Acid reflux?
Aug 24, 2014
... I believe those pills just messed with your stomach. You need to heal your stomach. I suffer the same fate unfortunately. I took a vitamin that messed up my stomach real bad and each day I try to heal it. Good luck! (4 replies)
Acid reflux?
Aug 23, 2014
... apparently acid reflux can be caused by many different things, many not so immediately obvious. But of course, I'll go. ... (4 replies)
... diagnosed as acid reflux, but in reality you don't need acid to burn the oesophagus once it is irritated by something else. ... (12 replies)
... opsy for that Monday and put me on 40 mg omeprazole AM and 300 mg Ranitidine at 8PM every evening. Endoscopy showed moderately severe esophagitis and gastritis, acid reflux and negative for H pylori. ... (12 replies)
... was a huge weight sitting on my chest and back. During this time I also consulted with a GI dr and he scheduled an endoscopy. Results were, mild gastritis and acid reflux. His answer was to continue taking the Nexium which I did, even though it wasn't making me feel much better. ... (4 replies)
... We all have some amount of acid that splashes up the oesophagus and then gets washed down again. ... (6 replies)
... I am a female in my early 30's currently experiencing constant acid reflux for the past few weeks. ... (6 replies)
Acid reflux
Jan 14, 2014
... The doctor then mentioned acid reflux and put me on omeprazole. ... (2 replies)
... I was on this board for about a year, suffered a severe bout of acid reflux, ended up in the hospital twice. Sick from it, heart palpitations, very scary, didn't understand reflux could do that. ... (2 replies)
... The only red flag I see looking back is I got acid reflux for the first time when I started going to the gym. Perhaps some kind of abdominal exercise gave me hiatal hernia or something. ... (4 replies)
Acid Reflux
Mar 7, 2013
... Hello I am also suffering because of acid reflux. ... (4 replies)

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