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... Hello I have an inflammed lower osephagus with erosions god it’s been a long story for me had acid reflux for years thought it was wine and curry’s so cut out the spice and cut down the wine not good enough you have to change your whole diet more veg no acidic drinks no caffeine no alcohol. Anyway I went to be scoped the first time which was in 2016 and the lower part of my... (5 replies)
... Thank you (4 replies)
... se canned ones have citric acid added. I consumed very little fruit except cantalope and watermelon. While apples and bananas have a higher ph, some people still reflux with these. I ate chicken and some baked beef. I did not eat fried food, citrus, avoided alcohol, soft drinks, chocolate, and anything spicy. ... (4 replies)

Is this reflux?
Dec 10, 2016
... I've always believed it is the rum and root beer. Yes, he drinks from the time after his morning shower until supper time. He definitely wouldn't try going without to see if there's a change. The other suggestions do seem odd but worth a try. Thanks so much. (13 replies)
Is this reflux?
Dec 10, 2016
... Has he tried cutting out all alcohol for a while to see if it makes a difference? ... (13 replies)
Is this reflux?
Dec 9, 2016
... Thank you kacyc for your thoughts. Over the last few years I've wondered what in the world is causing this? He only eats a 1/2 sandwich in the afternoon which makes him sleepy so he takes a nap for about an hour. Then for dinner a variety of different foods, baked, boiled or fried. He puts the rum away before dinner and drinks nothing with his meal or the rest of the night.... (13 replies)
Is this reflux?
Dec 8, 2016
... d suppressing drugs as these should be used as a last resort as they can cause more trouble than you start out with. Especially as your hub does not have classic reflux symptoms, but rather his hiccups are causing him to vomit. ... (13 replies)
Is this reflux?
Dec 8, 2016
... If stomach fluids are coming up after eating, regardless of a burning sensation or acidic taste, it is still a type of reflux. Alcohol definitely makes it worse, I know this from experience as well. And an antacid definitely has the potential to help.. ... (13 replies)
... I hardly touch alcohol now, have cut out hot and spicy foods, have no more than two cups of tea a day and the majority of the time drink only water, never fizzy drinks. ... (1 replies)
... I have been struggling with chronic acid reflux which is driving me crazy. ... (3 replies)
... Check out Dr. Kaufman's book "Dropping Acid" she's a leading expert on reflux and tells you exactly what to eat. Starts out strict for I think three days but if your miserable enough it's not hard. ... (2 replies)
... Could be your diet, could be the way you are made. Best thing you can do is use gravity to your advantage. Don't recline for three hrs after eating esp at night. Avoid chocolate, alcohol, citrus, fried food, tea, peppermint, spicy foods and tomatoes. All of these are well known triggers. Eat slowly, chew well, chew gum right after meals....being thin is an advantage if... (1 replies)
... You have a lot going on My reflux always feels worse when I have sinusitis, I think because the acid/bile gets caught in the throat mucous I feel for you as though I've only had one episode of inhaling reflux into my lungs I'll not forget how scary it was ( and it can lead to pneumonia ) You mention the scope for your sinuses which flagged up a problem with your vocal... (4 replies)
... I have experienced the same symptoms. If you reflux whilst asleep it is easy to inhale it into the windpipe...sometimes all the way into the lungs. ... (1 replies)
... Get exercise and plenty of sleep. Try deep breathing and relaxation to avoid stress which makes reflux worse. ... (5 replies)
... I felt like that with Gastritis which untreated can turn into an ulcer Ulcer's/Gastritis can be caused by anti inflammatories, other pain meds, too much alcohol or coffee, Pylori and other viruses, stress and bile reflux ect I would think, especially as there is Barratts in your family, an endoscopy is needed to see what is going on I took a PPI to heal my gastritis,... (2 replies)
Bile Reflux
May 3, 2016
... When my bile reflux reared it's ugly head in Sept. one of my liver enzymes, the ALT, spiked just a little to 43 but it has since come down to normal. ... (13 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with silent reflux by an ENT who scoped my throat to confirm it was inflamed. ... (2 replies)
... I've been on PPI'S a few years for acid reflux I've had 2 endoscopies and was told before the second one not to take my PPI for 10 days prior The endoscopy showed Gastritis and Duodenitis, caused I believe by coming off the PPI abruptly ( rebound acid reflux ) I would urge anyone wanting to come off PPI'S to do so very slowly I weaned off mine and it was hard, you're... (6 replies)
... But would add reflux can damage the oesophagus and even lead to Barratts Oesophagus which can lead to anyone at risk from that must take PPI'S. ... (7 replies)

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