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... I just had an endoscopy because I always have this unpleasant taste in my mouth at night (I never have heartburn, and I have no weird taste during the day). There was microscopic evidence of acid reflux; my doctor said not to worry about it. I'd still like to get rid of this taste, though. I happen to have a medslant wedge pillow available, so I tried sleeping on that for... (0 replies)
... on a weekend, on Saturday my family barbecued and made hamburgers. Once I ate the hamburger, I noticed I got really bloated but didn't think much of it. The next day I was hungry and ate another hamburger because there wasn't nothing else to eat, and got really bloated again. ... (1 replies)
... I got heartburn about a week ago and it hasnt gone away. I have consistant heartburn, hoarse throat about 20 hours a day. Could this be an ulcer? ... (1 replies)

... I got heartburn about a week ago and it hasnt gone away. I have consistant heartburn, hoarse throat about 20 hours a day. Could this be a ulcer? ... (1 replies)
... Sunday night I started getting heartburn and finally took a Protonix pill that night and last night and it's seemed to calm down. ... (1 replies)
... ng Hiatal Hernia. And, sure enough my doctor's findings confirmed it. There is a risky surgical procedure to eliminate it but I've read it should be avoided at all cost. And, was a little more than put off by some of the post surgical blogs I'd read by people who'd gone through with it. ... (17 replies)
... If you are experiencing heartburn that much, you need to see a Dr. and get the right medication. ... (1 replies)
... GERD , It is mostly good advice ... PLEASE remember, ALL of the heartburn "aids" should only be taken for a short time ,this is according to the mfgs!! ... (102 replies)
... like feeling all day every day just about. it feels kinda like a mix of heartburn and muscle pain, so i dunno. maybe it's damage to my esophagus. ... (4 replies)
... every single day.. It lasts all day long. Went to to doctor, she didn't do any tests, but said it sounds like Gerd, and put me on Prilosec.. ... (6 replies)
... h ago and meet with a GI dr next week. For the last few days I have had a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and feeling like there's something stuck in my chest all day. Nothing I am taking is making it go away. I went to a walk in clinic dr today who told me to increase my omeperazole to 40 mg instead of 20. ... (1 replies)
... Hi elephantgirl, :) how is your breathing now? Has anything helped? Did your doctors tell you your breating problems were caused by acid reflux? (4 replies)
... After I was diagonosed with IBS, my doc put me on Prilosec on a daily basis, over the counter strength. The heartburn was so bad, that I couldn't breathe most of the time. It started out every few days, and then got to be every day, all day. ... (4 replies)
... the ACV didn't work for me either. I tried it this morning and it burned going down and I had heartburn all day...nevermind the taste. Did it burn in the beginning for you and then started working? ... (102 replies)
... o sounds wierd I know but I actually can't burp so I thought maybe my bodys trying to bring up air I don't know but Mythica jus wanted to say I nearly through up all day but don't feel sick . ... (11 replies)
... Bending over is all it takes for me to get that miserable pinched feeling in my throat and upper stomach that can last for hours or the remainder of the day. ... (8 replies)
... I have been having trouble swallowing over the past several weeks. Not just when eating, but all day long, when just swallowing saliva. I saw an ENT, and he dx'd me with Acid Reflux, even though I don't get the burning heartburn or feel any acid in my throat. ... (11 replies)
... I agree with Jane , no one fix for all when it comes to reflux. You here lots of different diet methods used here and elsewhere but you really have to learn by trial and error what works for you. ... (12 replies)
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Dec 2, 2010
... cup rice milk,1 package of sugar substatute and the scary part is it opened my chest up so i could breath better, and my heartburn went away for about 2hrs. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. What's concerning me is that I've had absolutely NO pain at all.........NO heartburn, NO sore throat, NO nausea. Just trouble swallowing, burping occassionally throughout the day, and the cough. Oh yes, I also have bouts of gagging like an idiot for 15 minutes every time I try to look down my throat. Does this still sound like anyone? My ENT says that... (11 replies)

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