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... I'm going through both. ENT diagnosed my LPR and prescribed a PPI (which has been a life saver). I've seen a GASTRO to get scoped to make sure nothing was going on in my esophagus/stomach that might has these symptoms other than just having a malfunctioning sphincter. Now I'm waiting to see another Gastro to get some tests done to see if I'm a candidate for the Stretta... (2 replies)
... My doctor hasn't been very helpful, I don't think she knows the difference between GERD and LPR and thinks I just have an allergy. ... (2 replies)
... The first time I was on here I read Burlin's post and didn't even read any further as I had never heard anyone with a story that related so closely to mine. ... (16 replies)

... This is a good question and an interesting one that I've thought about a lot. I'd never even heard of GERD and seems many Dr's still haven't heard of LPR! Now, acid reflux is all you see, hear or read about. ... (7 replies)
... You can try eliminating all the suspected foods from your diet and then after at least 10 days of them again, introducing one food back at a time. ... (5 replies)
... Hello I am new to the board. I have had GERD for at least 13 years now. I have been on and off of omeprazole. around March last year I developed a cough. Like a clearing my throat cough that is always there. ... (4 replies)
... ould not capture the intricacy that come with combating a health affliction that hides in the shadows of our anatomy. I have been grappling with internal warfare and this invisible illness since I can remember. ... (9 replies)
... As far as I know, Amitriptyline doesn't actually treat GERD itself. ... (11 replies)
... ay not to Google your symptoms but screw that! I found out that I have a candida overgrowth thanks to the Internet. I had thrush on my tongue for about 3 years! and even told my internist about it, she wasn't concerned about it so I figured I had nothing to worry about. ... (9 replies)
... Yes I was and the treatment from gastro was just a PPI. The endoscopy should clear things up too bad it's not until May. What type of esophagitis does he think you have? ... (9 replies)
... jumped to the worst possible conclusion of what my issue was instead of ruling out allergies and I know people will call me crazy but I feel like the prilosec caused the constant belching. ... (9 replies)
... ad mine it felt good to know there was a real reason why I was feeling how I did since some Dr's tried to pass it off as I was imagining all this. I tell ya when and if I ever get to the point again where I can just swallow my food without a care in the world I am not going to take it for granted! ... (9 replies)
... n taking a pill I found online called canxida, it's an antifungal. I've also been drinking probiotics, aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes, and chamomile tea. I'm able to swallow eggs and beans now. ... (9 replies)
... breasts. After doing some research I went to the Dr and asked her if I had acid reflux, she figured that I did based on my symptoms and gave me prilosec. Miraculously, the day of the appointment my symptoms went away completely and I didn't end up taking the prilosec. ... (9 replies)
... acid issues as well as my allergies and sinus problems. ... (4 replies)
... acid issues as well as my allergies and sinus problems. ... (4 replies)
GERD - Anxiety
Jun 23, 2013
... I had chronic allergies and sinus infections for 13 years. My sinus infections were always attributed to my severe allergies. I had reflux surgery in 2008. ... (3 replies)
... calories a day. I've lost 15 pounds thinking the GERD would get better. ... (4 replies)
... My story with all its ups and downs can be tracked through my posts on this board. ... (6 replies)
... x always creeps back up on me after a while. I have to say though, it is not as intense as it was last month. Maybe it was all the holiday eating that lingered and made my GERD act up for so long...who knows! ... (24 replies)

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