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... t enough in between, and eventually, I began to try and ween myself off in December, taking a 20mg tablet every other day. Well, low and behold, I started having acid come up, which I didn't even have in the first place! I then knew what it was like to experience the dreaded acid rebound I've seen many mention online. ... (3 replies)
... I had reflux years ago and the dr. prescribed a medication that only worked for a short time, so I went back to him. ... (1 replies)
... I am no doctor, but can tell you that I am on strong medications and take aloe vera pills and they are GREAT for acid reflux. I threw the medication that the dr. prescribed for my acid reflux out long along because it only worked for a short time. ... (2 replies)

... I am currently on omnicef for sinus issues and post nasal drip. I am wondering if it is safe to drink a little bit of aloe Vera juice with this medicine.... Oh and I also take busiporone. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, 101% There is a very DEFINITE RELATION between stress and reflux. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS POINT LIGHTLY. My 13 year old came down with LPR, two month back I saw some of her hair turning white and tried to seek out reasons. STRESS was one of them. She is a very avid video gamer and I strongly feel this is the underlying reason for her LPR. She is not able to take... (11 replies)
... To my knowledge, and I am not doctor, water should make it better. I had a touch of reflux just come back and I went to a acupuncturist this morning and she improved it so much that I could have a nice ice blended coffee drink. ... (8 replies)
... that is how he earns his living. I have posted many times as to how well aloe vera works, if you just give it time and I suggest buying the aloe vera with NO vitamin C. ... (6 replies)
... ack to the dr and he told me to take one more and that was a red flag to me that the medication was a money maker for the drug company and the dr. Started taking aloe vera, and very strong doses of it, and threw the medication out when I saw that the aloe vera was working. Aloe vera is a healing plant and does wonders. ... (24 replies)
... I did stop feeling that burning sensation, but it was not right away. You have to give it some time and you can take it three times a day. Aloe vera is a healing plant and does wonders. I told a man who works for me about it and it helped him right away. ... (24 replies)
... Aloe vera helped me with all of this. Was on medication, years ago and it only worked for so long. ... (24 replies)
... I didn't, I was really hoping for a permanent fix, not a band-aid. I may have to start looking at other option like that though. (24 replies)
... have you tried natural aloe vera. It is a healing substance and did WONDERS for me as well as someone I told about it. ... (24 replies)
... Ears and sinuses can be effected by acid reflux, also lungs if you inhale the reflux Natural methods to help are DGL licorice Slippery Elm Aloe vera Alkaline water (ph 8 ish) Chewing gum Gaviscon Advance can help (5 replies)
... ry, find out if it will be a full Nissen wrap. If it is, it may mean you cannot puke after that, no matter what happens. I don't recall if you said you tried the aloe vera type stuff. Did the doctor tell you why you are having acid reflux? ... (21 replies)
... Someone else a while back told me she took aloe vera and it worked for her. You just reminded me of that. ... (21 replies)
... I took and still take the pills, but when I started out, my acid reflux was so bad, took them in the morning, lunch and in the evening. ... (21 replies)
... Try taking some aloe vera. It is a healing plant and does wonders. I had horrible acid reflux, was on a pill, which after a time did not work, so I went back to the gastro man and he told me to take two. ... (21 replies)
... Although I'm not glad to hear either of you are suffering from this; it is nice to know I'm not alone. I am currently on medical leave because I can't get out of bed for very long most days. Does anyone else experience extreme fatigue? Also, if it's not too personal, what do you do financially? I don't know if I'll be able to go back to work and we're starting to fall... (10 replies)
... Acid reflux reared its ugly head. After endoscopy I was told I had lots bile in my stomach and put on Omeprazole.I believe I suffer from acid AND bile reflux. ... (0 replies)
... aloe vera juice and ginger tea. Have you ever tried that? ... (10 replies)

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