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... Nothing. Our only progress is a united stand that these ppis don't do anythingfor us, and we aren't prepared to any longer accept them as the first line of treatment. ... (42 replies)
... Try brewing the coffee with alkaline water, Ph of 8 to 9. It does change the taste slightly, but it might give you the lift you need without causing any acid issues. Worth a try. In the water isle at the market. ... (2 replies)
... Zantac has been around for a very long time ... much longer than the proton pump inhibitors. So in terms of taking the Zantac long term, that should not be a problem. Regarding how it interacts with Plavix, your doctor or pharmacist should have the correct answer for you. There must be other people in your situation as those are two very commonly prescribed drugs. Good... (1 replies)

... talised for 6 days. I was severely anaemic and required 6 units of blood. They found an esophagal ulcer that was seeping blood. The ulcer was treated and appears to have healed. The gastroentrologist put me on 40mg Nexium when I left hospital. ... (1 replies)
... I am wondering if people have found any other alternatives to help other than prescription drugs. ... (0 replies)
... Just became available without a prescription, another one of the earlier PPIs that works well for lots of people. ... (2 replies)
PPIs and dosages
Jul 23, 2015
... loose stools. Switched to same dosage in Pantoprazole which hasn't had those side effects and has helped, but hasn't made me completely better. ... (3 replies)
... I did get a scope about a year ago, which is where the diagnosis of level 2 esophagitis came from. Their solution seemed to be to take a PPI until it gets better. Well, another year has gone by and it still seems as though it hasn't healed. ... (34 replies)
... i have been using ppis for about sixteen years. Over the last year I weaned off of them..slow process. The side effects i expeirenced were malabsorbtion of vitamins and minerals. ... (2 replies)
... tested. Get them to scope you again. You have nothing to lose. The test will reassure you about the state of your esophagus. ... (34 replies)
... Well, the high blood pressure and pulse can cause me to stroke. All these side effects are listed in the drug books for these drugs a small percentage I guess suffers from them, me. ... (2 replies)
... Whatever the case may be, I will be seeing a gastroenterologist to help deal with this situation. I have been on the PPIs for 3 months total. That should have been long enough. A part of the problem could be my medications. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you very much! (2 replies)
... ppi's before going down that route and I would encourage you to try alternatives first and have ppis as a last resort. Many people on here are desperately trying alternatives having first tried ppis and trying to get off them. ... (2 replies)
LPR - lump?
Sep 18, 2011
... I have been going on with this now since second week of July. Probably solid on ppis for seven weeks or more. ... (7 replies)
PPI Protonix??????
Apr 15, 2007
... article on a fibromyalgia site. If the description of the process is correct in the article I'm would think fibromyalgia could possibly be caused from the use of PPIs since it effects some of the same nutrients are believed to be part of the cause of fibromyalgia. ... (14 replies)
Quality of Life
Jun 28, 2012
... for granted, and its so frustrating because I rely on it so heavily, for teaching and singing. I struggle to get out of bed because I know I will be in pain and discomfort for the rest of that day. ... (28 replies)
... There are awful long term effects of these drugs. Bone density issues, vulnerability to bacterial infection, poor digestion, and more! ... (21 replies)
PPI Protonix??????
Apr 14, 2007
... I've been on Protonix for 2 years. Tried Prilosec and it wasn't nearly strong enough. Still had reflux and regurgitation, along with occasional bouts of projectile vomiting (yeah, i know..... TMI). It might work for you tho. Am currently looking into other alternatives as, from what I've been reading, PPIs can also cause vitamin B-12 deprivation and osteoporosis (with... (14 replies)
... st, you need to book an appointment with an ENT. ... (7 replies)

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