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Mar 10, 2009
... ecause i was scared i would make it worse, i am currently on losec because had bad reaction to nexium. symptoms are much better i can eat whatever i want but i'm always belching. ... (5 replies)
... Does anyone experience severe and unrelenting belching with their LPR? ... (1 replies)
... I have always had acid reflux, been on all the PPI's, now taking Nexium but about 6 months ago I started with more gas and constant belching. I have always had gas but actually could never belch easily. ... (12 replies)

... Now though, I'm getting the pains again, honestly, they never really went away I guess, always there somewhat, but now they are intensified I guess. ... (3 replies)
... basically i think the doctors are confusing me, i will know more on friday when i get the scope hopefully.. originally they told me i had inflammation of the oesopigus, then the biopsy came back as barretts with a question mark? can anyone tell me what this means? its as if their unsure, but how can they be when they tested it i'm confused, i told my GP she doesnt even no, the... (68 replies)
... Hah! See my posts about this from the last several weeks! I hiccup as well as burp, if that's the proper term for it. They go together almost always. Although, there are times I don't hiccup when burping. But hiccups are always accompanied by some burps (usually started by the burp). Maybe your "small" burps are like mine - unnoticeable to the public? (Which my... (4 replies)
Mar 4, 2009
... eful charting of what you eat can sometimes shed some light on some food triggers, but remember that it can also be combinations of foods that do it, rather than always that food on its own. "Green" drinks are purported to be very alkaline forming for the body, not to mention very healthy. ... (5 replies)
... artburn but mostly the burping the last 6 months but based on what my esophagous looks like I have what is called "silent GERD" I have the reflux but it doesn't always cause noticable heartburn. My biggest problem is the pressure and burping. ... (12 replies)
Constant Burping
Oct 16, 2006
... I had a 24 hr. ph "bravo" test done a few weeks ago for LPR symptoms. I've always known that I was an "upright refluxer" as opposed to night time or 24 hr. a day refluxer. ... (7 replies)
... When eating I would feel discomfort and when not eating as well, I tried to burp but sometimes it was difficult, basically I ended up belching for some relief, but discomfort was constant now and it felt like somebody punched me, the pain was right below my chest plates. ... (45 replies)
... All of the above seem to have happened to me when I was having the biggest problem with the acid reflux. I believe the constant belching contributed to and could be the biggest factor in the reflux. ... (25 replies)
... GERD and esophagitis grade A. I had gone in with complaints of lump in throat, constant belching and some burning in the stomach which I thought had been caused by some antibiotics I had just finished. ... (7 replies)
... GERD, things are not so night and day. What started out as me believing I was just belching from drinking my fair share of booze has now turned into multiple nasty feelings. ... (1 replies)
... e occasional boats of Sickness, following AWFUL sulphorous belching, with strongly acidic vomit, diarrhea which is awful smelling and very light and watery. I am always bloated, and produce lots of gas which is particularly strong when I have these boats of sulphurous belching followed by vommitting diarrhea etc. ... (0 replies)
... Constant belching as soon as I wake up, if I so much as fidget it comes back. The belches are in my throat, and I have to swallow them back down, but they come back quickly. ... (11 replies)
... I have not had a manometry test. I have only had the endoscopy, which by the way I also think the lump started after that test! Before the test I always just felt like I couldn't swallow properly, but I wasn't having any real stomach issues. After the endoscopy I developed the lump and also more belching. ... (14 replies)
Dec 6, 2010
... s for more than 20 days though so maybe i should give it more time but after seeing all the studies that say ppi's don't work im like pfft why bother. I have the belching problem too, but i've had it since i was like 14 way before LPR so i don't know how related they are.. ... (23 replies)
... Seeking Sunrise - I have noted your various comments and interested to see how you do - please keep updated. I agree with further comments you have made. I have tried eating all the "correct" foods and found it made my LPR worse! Its like the pressure and expectation is too great...that no results are produced! Last week - I just headed to Mac Donalds. I felt great for the... (11 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 15, 2010
... rn, and I also bloat really badly even when I have not eaten. And I often have issues swallowing food because I feel like it's going to get stuck in my throat. I always thought heartburn was sort of the cornerstone of reflux, but I didn't know there was a "silent" type. ... (44 replies)
... oral cancer. The gum is a "miracle" cure for me, but I hate always having to keep gum in my mouth. I want my old life back again when I felt and acted normal. ... (0 replies)

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