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... The chest discomfort is annoying and kind of scary as one always thinks of the heart but it's hard to describe, not quite burning, not stabbing, not squeezing, but just a full, sore feeling until the burping starts. ... (4 replies)
... go so tired of being in pain or bloated every time that I eat that I went to see a gastro doctor to discuss surgery. I explained to him that medication doesn't always work for me and finding food that doesn't bother has become harder and harder. ... (0 replies)
... I get the burping thing, too. Almost always burping as of late, which is a recent development. ... (4 replies)

... Now, about almost a month later I have been constantly burping, and it doesn't matter what I eat. About a week after the burping episodes, my cough has come back again, not as bad as before the first hospital trip, but the tickling feeling has come back. ... (0 replies)
Constant burping?
Jul 28, 2006
... But the really crazy thing is I almost always hiccup with the burping. ... (5 replies)
... I've always had a "touchy" stomach with IBS like symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... And having been a good vomiter in my youth, I equate burping as basically the same action as vomiting, only just gas and only for a split second. i.e., you feel it for sure from your stomach. ... (0 replies)
... I have an issue where my throat seems to have a pretty constant supply of mucus, and I am always burping air throughout the day trying to release tension in my chest. ... (0 replies)
Weird Burping!!??
Nov 13, 2011
... You should see your Dr and get it checked out. I suffer quite a lot with burping and I have a H.H. ... (2 replies)
... k Test which showed I had Food Intolerances, including Yeast, Milk, Egg White as the main 3. When speaking to a nutritionalist from the York Site, she said that burping on it's own is usually Low Stomach Acid and that there was a simple home test to check for this. ... (6 replies)
... know if it's LPR. I do clear my throat quite often, but I wouldn't say that it's irritated or anything. Anyway, my doctor gave me Nexium, but it doesn't help the burping or reflux. ... (0 replies)
... Anybody have lots of hiccuping who has GERD? "Burping" alot with GERD? Please answer! I'm still unclear if I'm really doing true burps (I've never been a burper, except having these purely internal things I always called "throat burps"). They may be esophageal spasms, for all I know. Sometimes it reverberates all the way from the stomach to the throat, other times... (13 replies)
... I think whatever the digestive problem, the burping is obviously a symptom of it. ... (6 replies)
... and my stomach is always making tons of noises, doesn't sound normal at all. Also, my stools have been really soft and light brown, in pieces. ... (3 replies)
... S burps back! Not a normal burp, but a uncontrolled gurgle burp in my a balloon releasing air. I have tried it a million times and the reaction is always the same. In all other positions, sitting standing lying on my back or on my right side, I don't find that I get that exact burping reflex. so weird! ... (3 replies)
... ow if this is something serious or not, but its just been bugging, spitting isnt normal and getting that feeling of air in my stomach constantly is bothering me, burping is the thing that relieves it momentarily, but it comes back a minute later, so i have to burp again. ... (7 replies)
Constant Burping
Oct 16, 2006
... I have been on pills for reflux for aboutt a year now, omeprazole etc, i do not get heartburn but im constantly burping all the time. I havent had any tests done to prove i have reflux, however i am scheduled for an endoscope in a few weeks time. ... (7 replies)
Acid reflex
Dec 18, 2005
... My question is I burp alot more so after eating but even when I'm not. I feel so bad when I'm talking to people I'm always burping. Not out loud but it's a burp. One other thing I get and it's hard to explain. ... (0 replies)
Hard Stomach
Mar 7, 2014
... I'm 27 and a big guy. So my stomach is always a bit soft with my belly fat. ... (3 replies)
... other online sources and ive been getting a possible peptic ulcer, and if its that, i can live with it, but i keep thinking its stomach cancer...but thats cuz i always think of the worst on whatever the situation is... ... (1 replies)

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