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Reflux Larangitis
Oct 11, 2018
... heart pain doesn't present in that way, i.e., sharp and brief, but it's always a concern. I also have recognized GERD and it's gotten worse over two years but I just saw a specialist for first time. ... (3 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with Little hiatus hernia Axialis, GERD Type A and Gastritis. ... (0 replies)
... d stopping it was even worse, with some mild hallucination and anxiety. So they prescribed Protonix, after she eats she felt "high", among other things like the anxiety and such, she is back to the muscle cramping, joint pain, and now migraines as well. She called the doc and he said theirs no way this is from these pills. ... (3 replies)

... Does anyone else find that their GERD or GERD related anxiety is exacerbated by prolonged use of their computer? ... (2 replies)
... gerd I focus on that it bothers me.When im worried about something else its alot better.I belive anxiety makes anything worse even a tootache.. ... (13 replies)
... Well if it increases reflux wouldnt that make the meds not work as well.Im diasblded from anxiety,my gerd fears are out of control that my anxiety gerd thing is going nuts.. ... (13 replies)
... Well it's especially terrible since I also have anxiety. Gerd and anxiety w/ a fear of vomiting really really do not mix well. I've gone from 160 lbs to 145 lbs in around a month. (25 replies)
... Do any of you wake up in the morning and instantly know if it's going to be a good day or bad day? Do you think we just tell ourselves what type of day it will be and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? I woke up this morning sure tha tit would be a bad Anxiety/GERD day and so far it's been true!! Sometimes I get so mad at my own brain! (20 replies)
... Thank you. Im not an apple eater. Just not my thing. GERD does indeed cause anxiety, and anxiety can cause GERD. Chicken or the egg thing. Finding out which came first can be frustrating. Anxiety is a fickle thing. ... (29 replies)
... Interestingly, I was also at an action movie recently and experienced bad GERD symptoms, the burping etc., but fortunately I had a Xanax and Tums with me. ... (6 replies)
... I've sufferred with a relatively mile form of GERD off and on for 7 years. At the time I first had symptoms I was a smoker, and a moderate drinker. ... (6 replies)
... For me, I think that anxiety played a big role in my GERD getting out of control to the point that I needed regular medication. Most dr. ... (11 replies)
... Cara, I have had some of the same issues you are dealing with. It does sound like anxiety is playing a role in how you are feeling. ... (11 replies)
Jun 9, 2008
... I think I may have developed anxiety and panic attacks from having GERD. ... (5 replies)
... Do you have phlem that you can't cough up and when you breath do you feel presure pushing against you from your stomach , do you seem to swallow air? (8 replies)
... hink I'm fairly healthy. I don't always eat the greatest and don't exercise nearly as much as I should. For the past year and a half, I've been having bouts with anxiety on and off. ... (8 replies)
... panic because I have GERD and GERD symptoms feel so much like heart problems, thus causing me anxiety. ... (25 replies)
... To say this complaint causes anxiety is an understatement. ... (7 replies)
... Alot of Drs tell me that anxiety really dosen't effect Gerd this I dont belive becausae the stomach and anxiety have a strong link. ... (14 replies)
... Just wondering, does anyone know if GERD can be brought on by extreme anxiety? ... (15 replies)

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