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... I would have a little bit of trouble swallowing dry food, but I could always get around it with a good drink of water. Most of the time, it was fine. ... (0 replies)
... ary it is not life threatening. Cricopharyngeal spasms are aggravated by reflux or more so LPR which is harder to treat than regular reflux as well as stress and anxiety so maybe try a bit of relaxation and deep breathing when you start to feel your throat tighten. ... (9 replies)
... k of water I feel it go down and everything's fine again. I never told my ENT or gastro about this bc I don't want a barium swallow unless it's necessary. I have anxiety so I don't want to say anything unless I'm positive I have to. ... (3 replies)

Jun 14, 2014
... If swallowing solid foods hurts in your chest, you may have a stricture in your esophagus. This is usually benign, but not always, so you should get it checked out by your Dr. ... (3 replies)
... comes back fine he said I probably have anxiety induced Globus or dysphasia in my chest. Which is the oy thing that has made since this whole month! ... (2 replies)
... I have severe bloating 24/7 feeling like I'm swallowing air and building presure in My abdomin , I feel the most bloted buy the end of day. It also hurts to swallow ,feels like my throat is tight . Does your pain come only swallowing? (2 replies)
... I read its not usually constant but mines every time I swallow! It was bad til I took Prilosec twice Dailey went from about a 9 on a pain scale when swallowing to a 6 or 7 but still have found no relief. Thought it was an ulcer had scope no h pylori and no damage to my esophagus. Had chest xray and bloodwork all normal. ... (2 replies)
... It sounds to me like you're having a lot of anxiety over eating/choking... those obsessive thoughts (I mustn't eat when I'm alone or I might choke to death, only this food or that food are 'safe' to eat, etc.) are pure anxiety. There is at least some reality to your problem swallowing - anxiety tightens your muscles including your throat, and makes your mouth dry, and the... (1 replies)
... So it's been years since I've had a swallowing problem, since 2007 to be exact. ... (1 replies)
... up, I was still experiencing difficulty swallowing when the doctor said I had a sinus infection. ... (7 replies)
... Stress and anxiety does mess up your digestion. If you have severe issues than that could be the case. But always get second opinions. ... (14 replies)
... achine and juice it. I also have a feeling in my stomach that I am starving and then a strong burning sensation. All of the symptoms are new to me and with HIGH anxiety that I suffer with everyday, I am scared. ... (14 replies)
... Another update. My doctor has decided it's anxiety (i.e. he can't find anything physically wrong so now he's trying to blame me and my mental state). He's trying to prescribe me Paxil which I find incredibly suspect, especially since he's not a psychiatrist. I've never suffered from depression and I don't feel I get any more stressed than the average person. I don't want to... (14 replies)
... msprowell, i have anxiety all the time nearly since my mom past on a few years ago but it slowly became somewhat better until i had severe swallowing problems last year with acid reflux. ... (9 replies)
... I think an Anxiety Medication might help but do go back and ask for further investigations. ... (14 replies)
... Each episode is accompanied by worry, anxiety, and a general feeling of unpleasantness. As time goes on and I experience this more and more often, the anxiety is harder to shake off because I fret over whether there's something seriously wrong with me. ... (2 replies)
... I have difficulty swallowing sporadically. I do notice that bready foods are the worst offenders but I often eat bread without any problems. ... (9 replies)
... still having problems swallowing and because of this new lump feeling in my throat and the reflux that was bad for a week after the endoscopy, it made the issues swallowing that much more troublesome. ... (8 replies)
... ll times I feel like there is a fullness in my throat. In the mornings it is the worse as I feel very nauseated when I wake up and like I need to swallow. I keep swallowing and it just feels like it's not working right in there. When I have breakfast I feel like I will vomit and can only eat a very small amount. ... (14 replies)
... tight when I would drink water it felt like I couldnt' swallow it. I immediately thought I was having and allergic reaction which made everything worse as I have anxiety already. I took benedryl and went to bed. The next day the rast was gone, but my throat has never recovered. The make an extremely long story short... ... (14 replies)

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