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... I have today purchased Raw apple Cider Vinegar and will start using it tonight before I go to bed. ... (49 replies)
... Belle, I eat red apples and they don't cause me any symptoms. I've notice that green apples do trigger my acid reflux. And for breakfast I eat oatmeal or raisin bran cereal with nonfat milk and my stomach feels good. I rarely eat bananas but I've heard that they are good for GERD. ... (24 replies)
Gerd or lpr?
May 26, 2011
... hence the notion of LPR being "silent reflux." Basically, GERD relfects acid that crawls past the LES irritating the esoph. ... (6 replies)

... I am sorry that you are dealing with so many symptoms. You do not say how you were diagnosed with gerd based on any testing and I am not sure what you are doing for the gerd. I can only suggest what helped me with my gerd, LPR and thrush. ... (3 replies)
... I have found that eating apples help tremedously. I have been eating red and yellow delicious apples and it compltely controls that acid feeling during the day. I take a pepcid complete and night. ... (49 replies)
... So about eighteen months ago or so I noticed feeling full or bloated all the time, and that bread and crackers made it worse. ... (0 replies)
... Hi...I was been told to take Aloe Vera Juice to reduce acid reflux and gerd problem.Acid reflux or gerd will effect the throat and also the nasal.feel is perfect. ... (7 replies)
... Interesting question. Most of us find that coffee, alcohol, fatty foods and spicy foods are bad. ... (8 replies)
... Hmm. So the antibiotic could have done this? Never had this happen before. Ate apples and that helped but its still not gone Cut out anything bad even iced tea. Its been like 3 weeks now since I started feeling it. Is pinkberry good for this? Its organic frozen yogourt w live probiotics in it. The heartbrun has been insane. Thought I was having a heart attack.... (10 replies)
... Thanks, Jane. That's helpful, especially the bit about starches versus fruits and vegetables. I wasn't sure whether apples and bananas were a good idea. I'm trying to figure out how to raise the head of my bed...but I will make that a priority. Six inches, right? ... (8 replies)
Gerd/acid Reflux??
Sep 24, 2007
... I eat apples and don't seem to have any problems. Also there are carrots in my chicken noodle soup and no real flares. I eat the heck out of turkey subs from subway. No veggies though, just light mayo and honey mustard. ... (7 replies)
... which means that food and stomach acid just kinda sit there, and cause reflux and inflammation. ... (9 replies)
... Just make sure to stay away from all citrus like oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruit ect. Other fruits like peaches, mango's and apricots are more mild in acid content but are still not real great on your stomach. I can't eat some vegetables like corn or cauliflower. ... (1 replies)
... had a lot of success with diet. It has not cured my scratchy throat or my hoarseness completely, but it has taken care of my swallowing problems, lump in throat and chronic burning. I have used Dr. Jamie Koufman's induction diet. Dr. ... (5 replies)
... I can eat cooked apples, baked apples, apple sauce and even apple cider vinegar. ... (1 replies)
... The only way I can eat apples is in "Apple Sauce" like you would put on pork. ... (29 replies)
... I was going along based on a list I saw online. It's does get pretty boring and bland to try to stick to such a diet. I just wish things were more clear cut too, but I guess everyone's body is different. ... (2 replies)
Gerd/acid Reflux??
Sep 25, 2007
... Some of the foods that it said you COULD eat where brocolli, cauliflower, carrotts, and apples. There is NO WAY I could eat any of them if I didn't want to be on the floor unable to move. ... (7 replies)
... board a few days ago I was trying Raw Apple cider vinegar for my gerd. Well, I want to tell you all that it has helped beyond my dreams. I feel so much better and I can truthfully say it has decreased immensly and I am doubting myself it is working, don't know why. ... (49 replies)
... Try to up your sleep and lower your stress. Definitely helpful. ... (19 replies)

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