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... So a few days before Christmas I got my EGD biopsy back. It said Barrets was food on biopsy. I got this in the mail with a little pamphlet about Barrets. So I basically have no idea what to do. And it is scary. ... (2 replies)
... Why are you worried about Barrets at this point? ... (2 replies)
... Yes apparently I have Barrett's. They said they found it on biopsy. And I have no clue! About 8 months ago I started to notice a bloating stomach. I don't think I've ever noticed any sort of acid reflux in my life. Literally. Is it possible results can be wrong? (2 replies)

... and u have barrets ? ... (2 replies)
... and on reflection his symptoms were very similar to those described in association with barrets esophagous. ... (15 replies)
... I asked if he can exclude Barrets at the eye level and he said "I would be surprised if it came like that from the lab". ... (7 replies)
... I would like to share my current exp So I have Gerds with a hiatal hernia and also Barrets esophagus Gerds I have know about for 11 years hiatal hernia and Barrets I found out about 2 years ago I have been on 2 omeprazole a day 20 mg each my GI dr after a recent second scope tell me the FDA came out with some new info and I really need to get down to 1 a day He say two a... (1 replies)
... e, both confirm GERD. 24 hour PH tests have shown not a huge amount of acid, but I get worse symptoms than ANYONE I have ever heard of. I know of someone who got Barrets with very few GERD symptoms, so with my constant reflux pain I am so afraid of getting Barrets young, and dying of esophageal cancer. ... (5 replies)
... Does anyone know any reliable statistics for odds of developing Barrets after 40 if endoscopy with biopsy at 40 showed no Barrets? ... (7 replies)
... Does anyone know any reliable statistics for odds of developing Barrets after 40 if endoscopy with biopsy at 40 showed no Barrets? ... (7 replies)
... Don't be too frightened about Barrets. After all, your endoscopy was OK. Barrets is relatively rare, and even if you get it it doesn't mean that you will get cancer. However, I do understand your concern. ... (8 replies)
... le years or a couple decades to develop...they always say "it depends". That is why when I get heartburn for a week or two straight I feel like I am on my way to Barrets very soon... ... (5 replies)
Dec 13, 2009
... of diabetes with mixed results concerning insulin levels. Will be seeing an endo....... this week to work on that. So iguess my question is has anyone else with Barrets or LPR had chronic nausea ? ... (0 replies)
Jan 16, 2008
... I definitely dont mean to offend. Believe me...I get my self way worked up over this and other things. I worry about barrets and cancer too...who wouldnt with constant burning. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I'm new to the board but certainly not to Acid Reflux. Sorry for the long post. I've been on Nexium for at least 4 years but I'm sure it's been longer. I've tried other meds and they don't seem to work on me. I've had the barium swallow and the scope for barrets (no barrets though). Specialist doesn't recommed an operation and my flap seems to work. I've... (4 replies)
... Hi, thanks for responding, did you get barrets esophagus even while on nexium? ... (3 replies)
... erosion is part of gerd but not all of us have this barrets is a disease and yes you will have to give up that coffee among other things (1 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Well I don't have it and am not an expert but I believe the condition is when acid reflux is severe enough to cause cell changes on the Oesophagus (which hasn't got the protective lining the stomach has). These cell changes may be minor or worse, and have the risk of turning into cancer I would think how treatable the condition is depends on how bad the cell changes are.... (2 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Barrett s Esophagus can be a very treatable disease. It has to be treated however or it can turn into esophageal cancer. You need to see a GI doctor. There is a procedure called a HALO procedure which can be done to laser out the inflammation, preventing this from turning cancerous. Barrett's is caused by reflux which is not treated. The acid builds up in the esophagus... (2 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Is this condition reversible and treatable? (2 replies)

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