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... Why are you worried about Barrets at this point? ... (2 replies)
... Yes apparently I have Barrett's. They said they found it on biopsy. And I have no clue! About 8 months ago I started to notice a bloating stomach. I don't think I've ever noticed any sort of acid reflux in my life. Literally. Is it possible results can be wrong? (2 replies)
... and u have barrets ? ... (2 replies)

... So a few days before Christmas I got my EGD biopsy back. It said Barrets was food on biopsy. I got this in the mail with a little pamphlet about Barrets. So I basically have no idea what to do. And it is scary. ... (2 replies)
... and on reflection his symptoms were very similar to those described in association with barrets esophagous. ... (15 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Well I don't have it and am not an expert but I believe the condition is when acid reflux is severe enough to cause cell changes on the Oesophagus (which hasn't got the protective lining the stomach has). These cell changes may be minor or worse, and have the risk of turning into cancer I would think how treatable the condition is depends on how bad the cell changes are.... (2 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Barrett s Esophagus can be a very treatable disease. It has to be treated however or it can turn into esophageal cancer. You need to see a GI doctor. There is a procedure called a HALO procedure which can be done to laser out the inflammation, preventing this from turning cancerous. Barrett's is caused by reflux which is not treated. The acid builds up in the esophagus... (2 replies)
Barrets Oesophagus
Jun 20, 2017
... Is this condition reversible and treatable? (2 replies)
... Does anyone know any reliable statistics for odds of developing Barrets after 40 if endoscopy with biopsy at 40 showed no Barrets? ... (7 replies)
... Does anyone know any reliable statistics for odds of developing Barrets after 40 if endoscopy with biopsy at 40 showed no Barrets? ... (7 replies)
... I asked if he can exclude Barrets at the eye level and he said "I would be surprised if it came like that from the lab". ... (7 replies)
... Please help. I am losing my family, my children and my sanity. I am paralyzed with fear because I just realized this disease is serious, it is chronic, dangerous and not going anywhere without surgery - which itself apparently presents enormous risks, including making things worse than they were before and irreversible. I have been doing so much reading and research for over... (7 replies)
... Have you seen a good GI doctor? Gerd can be confused with so many other things. A good GI doctor can test you to make sure it is Gerd and also prescribe something for you to make you more comfortable. If left untreated, Gerd can affect the espophogus and can turn into esphogeal cancer. It can also be something called Barrets Esphogus, which my family is now dealing with- with... (13 replies)
... Oh wow...that's interesting.....So, after you got all those results such as Barret's esophagus, E.E., feline mucosa, that's all the treatment you are going to get???? PPI that's all? Well, talking about surgeries, they are pretty serious, and some of the surgeries don't cure hundred percent, and people have to re-do such as Nissan etc...And, they can mess up you pretty good... (18 replies)
... patients stories about Barrett's you should google it I think it will give you great comfort we are not aloud to give out URL on here but just type so wing like Barrets UK I think you will find the place good luck and don't worry any ? ... (8 replies)
... I'm facing it just now. Same here. Not really much info except no cancer and the Barrets was found just above my stomach. I also have a stricture in my throat. ... (7 replies)
... The only sure way is to have a endoscope and have a biopsy but I have Barrett's non cancerous you would be able to see it from a good ENT with a nose camera look which would then prompt a endo if Barrets is seen (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, Ive been a keen reader of GERD and Nissen topics for a while and have always found everyones encouragement, advice and stories both heart warming and very informative. I am Male and have just turned 28 years old from the UK. Id like to start f by just sharing a little info about myself, ill try to keep it short as not to waffle ( * ^ _ ^ * ) Ive never... (1 replies)
May 12, 2014
... I was on 20mg Omeprazole twice a day for a while I requested to go down to 10mg twice a day (because of reading about how it depletes calcium) And now I am on 10mg once a day and am trying to wean myself off that If I had a bad flare up of AReflux I would take it again to heal things, but personally am not happy about being on it long term It's difficult isn't it? I... (3 replies)
... I would like to share my current exp So I have Gerds with a hiatal hernia and also Barrets esophagus Gerds I have know about for 11 years hiatal hernia and Barrets I found out about 2 years ago I have been on 2 omeprazole a day 20 mg each my GI dr after a recent second scope tell me the FDA came out with some new info and I really need to get down to 1 a day He say two a... (1 replies)

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